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Fancy trying to face down an irate Hell's Angel?

I would not, but that would appear to be what shop staff at a Swedish clothing retailer have to look forward to. Retailer Kapp Ahl had been stocking t-shirts that the Angels considered violated their winged skull trademark, but following legal advice has decided that they are in the clear and will re-stock, despite threats of reprisals. More here.

I am all in favour of free speech, free trade and sundry other free things like free drinks, but I cannot help but think that the retailer might have chosen a less hairy opponent to argue legal niceties with. Whatever profits may come from selling the t-shirts, these may well pale etc compared to the cost of compensation, sick leave etc for intimidated (or worse) staff. I would not advise the burghers of Malmö, Helsingborg etc to make haste to Kapp Ahl to buy these t-shirts, as non-Angel sporters of colours will likely find themselves in the firing line too.

(Technically it is Hells (no apostrophe) Angels, but there are limits)

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Anonymous ziss guy said... 1:38 pm

In Quebec, where they're quite a nuisance, they're known as Les Hells.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 2:04 pm

I side with the angels on this
It is a copyright image and worth money , just as nike or coca cola are.
The guy must be an effing loon, maybe he should try something less risky suck as selling t shirts showing Mohammed giving a pig a blow job.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:01 pm

ZG - as opposed to Les Halles?

Hitch - exactly, and it will probably be some spotty Saturday part timer who is expected to argue the finer points of copyright law in order to avoid a savage chain whipping, rather than the chairman of the board.  

Anonymous nick drew said... 4:47 pm

Hitch on the side of the angels, I always knew it

C, despite your opening protestation surely you are just the man to argue the finer points

I look forward to reading the relevant news article in due course  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:49 pm

Outstanding Mr D, outstanding  

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