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You too can try your luck at the tribunal casino

"A white woman who claimed she was racially harassed at work by slurs against black people and other ethnic minorities is to get her day in court, a tribunal ruled today.. In September, that tribunal struck out her claim, saying it had no reasonable prospect of success and some of her arguments were "unlikely" to amount to harassment. But Judge Peter Clark ruled today that such a decision could only be reached after careful consideration of the evidence". More here.

If the individual concerned scoops the pool, and I would not put it past what passes as the legal system in these parts, stand by for others making a very tidy living from taking offence as a profession.
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Anonymous verity said... 5:38 pm

She's either a chancer or she's one of those authoritarian jobsworths that England specialises in.  

Blogger David Anthony said... 5:42 pm

stand by for others making a very tidy living from taking offence as a profession

As a highly sesnsitive person I take great offence at that. I'll see you in court!  

Blogger Tony said... 6:48 pm

Cllr Terry Kelly causes me alarm and distress and his comments are enough to cause anyone severe depression. I also feel his mangling of the English language infringes my human rights to expect my mother tongue to be used with appropriate care. Do I have a case?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:57 pm

Can you hear the water ,the floodgates have just been opened.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:10 pm

My company keeps harassing me for money to pay taxes ,they keep taking money out of,my wages and they call it deductions, can I go to the tribunal,as I feel very upset about this happening to me.  

Blogger Newmania said... 11:41 pm

That is odd C I was just looking at that story in the Telegraph would that be tommorows addition ?

Ellee asked me about something to do with Councils eradicating racism and I was looking for the Prison admin story where they moved the employment into a black area.It popped up

You will not be suprised to learn that I am very much against positive discrimination and , to be fair , any other sort.

I gather ther are targets for Employement in public services and there is apprently a " drive"

With the BNP going crazy especially over housing it strikes me as foolish and a poor message . the message is that black and A sian people have to be given special favours and are incapable of success otherwise.

I wish I had such a good excuse  

Anonymous verity said... 1:41 am

anonymous 7:10. You have leapt in to complain about paying legally established taxes.

Do you understand the point of this thread or are you just naturally unfunny?  

Blogger Newmania said... 8:54 am

Ouch Verity you are the vinegar in the bag of chips are you not ?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:37 pm

verity said...

Thank you miss prim for commenting on my comment.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:34 pm

Anonymous - We comed here for wit and general amusement. There is nothing "prim" about finding a stone dropped into a lake not very entertaining.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:20 pm

....another heartsink case from the British legal system! And part of the problem is that so many employers run scared from these cases _ for every one that makes it to a tribunal, there are probably half a dozen that result in a quiet pay-off _ which can only make employers shy of employing anyone with possible grounds for a tribunal. In a previous job I was accused of unspecified 'discrimination' by a female asian employee of mine. A woman, I might add, whom I had hired for the company in the face of stiff opposition from other, white candidates. (My only other direct rteport at the time was a black woman, whom I had also appointed and promoted). But, did I get any support form my emploer? Of course not. I was shunted into another, non-job and, after a decent interval, the complainer was made redundant as part of a reorganisation. And the irony of the case was, that I was accused od discrimination by this woman, precisely because she was having to do more work than a peer of hers (a white male!) who was taking a lot of time off work for medical reasons _ and I had been warned to go easy on HIM because my company didn't want a disability lawsuit! Apologies for this being an anonymous post, for obvious reasons.  

Anonymous hg said... 4:28 pm

An authoritarian jobsworth would be what used to be a Guardian drabby. It was always a puzzle why their physical form reflected their inner lack of a sense of proportion: huge bosom or none at all, legs that were together from hip to knee but then splayed from knee to foot, tiny shoulders wide beam, pinheads on long bodies. It sounds formist, but its hard to bring to mind a single nulabour tendency beauty, or even normally.  

Anonymous verity said... 6:02 pm

HG - Brilliant! And you are right.  

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