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A eurovision controversy in the making

Nuclear war related lyrics are back in vogue. Some might recall the Finnish 'nul points' entry of some years back which included lyrics along the lines of 'bomba bomba don't drop the bomb on me'. I'm open to being corrected by anyone more expert.

Anyway, Le Figaro, of all papers, notes that the Israeli entry for this year is called 'Press the Button' by a band called Teapacks, and centres lyrically on fear of an Iranian bomb. Apparently '[Teapacks] gained popularity by bringing forward the traditional oriental music combined with light humorous hints. The soloist of the band, Kobi Oz, is well known in the country for his eccentric looks and style'.(Source).

The voting kremlinology should be entertaining...


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Blogger Newmania said... 4:01 pm

You have not mentioned the classic C

And fiery demons all dance when you walk through that door
Don't say you're easy on me, you're about as easy as a nuclear war

..Duran Duran and dont tell me where they got their name, I know  

Anonymous nick drew said... 4:28 pm

Battlefield lyrics have often scored well in Eurovision:

"at Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender ..."

By contrast, My Lovely Horse was a complete flop, a real nul-pointer

(am I getting fantasy mixed up with reality here?)  

Anonymous hg said... 4:40 pm

Can we vote for Charlie Mingus?  

Blogger Newmania said... 4:52 pm

No I don`t think so HG you are highering the tone quite unforgivably . Nick,one of the charming things about the Eurovision song contest is the effort to discover words that will be comprehensible throughout the Euro zone ( mystifyingly including Israel).

Boom banga bang was the apex of this poetic technique. Waterloo was an unsubtle example .

I can think of only one really great song that has become a standard Volare, which came an unnoticed 13th or something like that.

Oh HG loved your battles of PR which I joined at the end .  

Anonymous hg said... 5:23 pm

Well, then, can we vote for Tom Lehrer ( who out -lyrics even commentors here)?

And you may have thought it tragic,
Not to mention other adjec-
Tives, to think of all the weeping they will do.
For if the bomb that drops on you
Gets your friends and neighbors too,
There'll be nobody left behind to grieve ...
... Universal bereavement,
An inspiring achievement,...

It was good of you, Newmania, on the PR, I had retired courteously to my library but had to come out over the racism.

Very fine analysis on the foppishness. Wish I'd said that.  

Anonymous nick drew said... 5:32 pm

yes HG, Tom L is The Man, well deserving of the sincerest form of flattery  

Anonymous lilith said... 5:51 pm

Here here Hg and Mr Drew. My teenage daughter has just taught herself to sing the Periodic Table. Respect!  

Anonymous lilith said... 5:53 pm

obviously I mean "hear hear"  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:48 pm

There was a winner called 'A little peace', if memory serves.

And we must indeed all doff our hats to Mr Lehrer.  

Blogger Newmania said... 7:56 pm

Sing the periodic Table ? Lord that brings back unhappy memories. I detested chemistry.

Worry not by next year she will have met someone who owns a motor bike and forgotten all that silly school stuff.  

Anonymous verity said... 8:11 pm

Needless to say, the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest - probably the most stupid,vapid, pointless contest anywhere in the world - are talking about banning this entry.

It does not promote LOVE and PEACE. Therefore it must be terminated with extreme prejudice.  

Anonymous flamingstratman said... 7:03 am

"A little Peace" won in Harrogate and was a song from Germany... the song itself was a piece of crap as most of the contest´s songs use to be. So this year it is a nuclear scandal, last year a demons from Finland scandal - very,very entertaining. Not to mention all the half naked young ladies from eastern europe exercising tribal dances in SM leather costumes. It is the world´s biggest music contest and funny thing is that most of the time it has nothing to do with music. I love it !  

Anonymous yorkshire tyke said... 8:52 am

Blimey, Verity - you don't like the Olympics, the Eurovision song contest... does the Leeds piano competition find favour with you?  

Anonymous Sergei Rachmaninov said... 10:08 am

I, too, detest the Olympics, the Eurovision Song Contest and the bloody, bloody world cup.

OK, lest I be called a killjoy and a bigot, I'll try the Leeds Piano Competition.

Oh, nearly forgot, I do like the pairs ice skating that the Russians always win - all those ecstatic looking half-naked girls emulating orgasm at 30mph on ice - & you wish to watch, er, football???  

Anonymous Sergei Rachmaninov said... 10:19 am

"Emulating"? "Simulating", certainly. "Emulating", perhaps that, too?  

Anonymous David Allen said... 11:15 am

Oh, Sergei! Your coruscating wit! ;-)  

Anonymous verity said... 1:25 pm

Oh, God! I'd forgotten the World Cup!

And how about the Winter Olympics? Hands up all those who follow the curling competition! And the Paralympics. Does anyone watch it?

While I'm at it, the St Patrick's Day parade in NYC. Has anything ever been more pointless?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:43 pm

I'll see you and raise you St Patrick's Day in London. Courtesy, in part, of that odious individual Livingstone making free with my money.  

Anonymous rouble said... 2:43 pm

You folk should be happy, then, at the canellation of the gay pride parade in Moscow  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:52 pm

Parades, marches are essentially for the benefit of the participants, and as long as they are self-financing and I can ignore them they are fine by me.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:57 pm

OK, C, I'll see you and raise you on the St Patrick's Day parade in London.

The London Marathon. A straight flush, I think you'll agree.  

Anonymous hg said... 4:11 pm

Parades and marches in thirties Germany were up there with Busby Berkeley for watching, judging from the newsreels.

The London marathon is too untidy and has a miasma of liberal democracy.  

Anonymous hg said... 4:23 pm

sorry, worse not better, highering again, London marathon wins.  

Anonymous verity said... 5:06 pm

I would rather watch a Busby Berkley routine than any of the aforementioned non-events.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:08 pm

Yup, Verity has a royal flush. An event of staggering ghastliness, compared to which reading computer manals is entertaining.  

Anonymous verity said... 5:33 pm

A flush is what we could do with in the London Marathon. Last year, that hellish Paula Radcliffe actually squatted down and pooed in the street.

She makes Jo Brand look like Princess Diana.  

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