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Guess who is hectoring the Ugandans?

The Blairina:

"Visiting wife of the British premier, Cherie Blair, stressed that investing in girl-child education and supporting women in business are the best ways to advance Uganda's economy".

"Being a woman, people may think I am biased. But there is plenty of evidence to show that investment in education of girls and women, or in their businesses, is actually the best any society can make," the successful human rights lawyer stressed....it's more important to involve women because they bring special qualities and characteristics to business which makes them successful entrepreneurs".

And going rather against this particular piece of gender-based special pleading, "I may look calm and perfectly organised but I'm just like so many parents and working mothers. I'm like those jugglers who bounce the plates up and there are times some of the plates crush. But the plate I wish to keep up all the time is the push for equality."

I'm sure Tony and the Blairlets are delighted that they are not her top priorities.

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Blogger Guthrum said... 11:05 am

More outdated 1970's feminism, now being exported to the 'Empire', arrogant woman with her my way or no way outlook on cultures she knows nothing about.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 11:26 am

...and of course her own sons who she will discriminate against in favour of her daughter.

what a lovely woman  

Anonymous verity said... 1:43 pm

"I'm sure ...the Blairlets are delighted that they are not her top priorities."

Actually, they may well be. How would you like to have Cherie Blair focussed on you?

It certainly is very outdated thinking. Guthrum, she doesn't need to know facts about these other cultures, because she understands them by instinct. Saves time.

But what the hell was she doing in Uganda? Is that the only gig she can get these days?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:52 pm

Supposedly she was there 'to inspect Commonwealth projects and anti-AIDS initiatives'.

The next question is, why on earth should a non-elected, non-diplomatic service bod be doing this inspecting other than in a personal capacity? And why is she not going by the name Booth rather than Blair while out there? Do we spot yet more of the groundwork for the dreaded Blair Foundation being laid before our very eyes?  

Anonymous verity said... 2:41 pm

Surely they're not contemplating HQ-ing it in Kampala?

Surely everyone knows that Riyadh is the ne plus ultra for lefty, one-worlder ex heads of government to host their foundations? Who could know better where there's a free lunch than Jimmuh and Bill? Surely Cherie, with such a keen nose for money, knows this?  

Blogger Guthrum said... 6:12 pm

Going out to southern parts of Africa soon- will be sure to take a gun.  

Anonymous David Allen said... 8:20 pm

I can just see Cherie tucking in to a raw human liver. It is a large organ, but she could still down it in one, I think.  

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