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Something truly horrible

The toothbrush music player:

"HEY, PARENTS . . . we understand that getting your kids to brush their teeth can be a daily battle. Not any more! TOOTH TUNES is here to help put an end to those battles. TOOTH TUNES is a new, revolutionary toothbrush for kids that makes brushing their teeth fun and entertaining.

Your kids will love brushing their teeth to their favorite hit songs from some of their favorite artists. As sound vibrations stream from the bristles through their teeth, they hear the music in their heads. But, when they stop brushing, the music stops playing in their head. So they’ll actually want to keep brushing for a full two minutes!"

And to prove that I'm not making this up, here is one of them:

Yes, it really does play 'YMCA'. Other possibilities include Destiny's Child, Jamiroquai, Queen and the theme from Rocky. The New York Times notes that the music plays better when one is not brushing (if still applying pressure), but always supposing a child is prepared to use the brush for the six month life span of the battery, might not junior become a tad sick of the music if hearing it twice a day?


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Blogger Newmania said... 11:20 am

We are surrounded with more and mnore insistent sound pleading and craving our attention and now it appears the very young are going to be infected with Pop virals.

A man in say 1450 in his village would have so very little but what he did hear would have been painfully beautiful , the natural sounds that are drowned out . We noticce light pollution has put ou the stars but not that Noise pollution has seprated us further from the real world.

Imagine what the noise of the Church bells must have sounded like in that landscape of perpetual peace.

Gaaar everything is always getting worse .  

Anonymous nick drew said... 11:26 am

"might not junior become a tad sick of the music...?"

Ohhhh I think they've thought of that one, C

"get the whole set!!"

cheer up Mania, it was ever thus, write a wistful poem or something  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:32 am

N - Meandering a bit, have you read 'The Doors of Perception' - it is an interesting take on colour and the like. Where there are few if any artificial colours, the colour of flowers would be far more striking. I think the same applies to natural rather than artificial sounds, although I suspect that the average yeoman gave little thought to the quality or otherwise of sound.

ND - Yup, I can forsee a whole lot of pester power.  

Blogger Newmania said... 12:06 pm

'The Doors of Perception'
Thats Blake "If the Doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear as infinite." Can`t imagine why this appealled to the druggy self obseessed ,would be visionary Jim Morrison can you ?
No haven`t read the book. Sounds good

Gag - Doc I `m at deaths door.
Don`t worry we`ll pull you through


Blogger Newmania said... 12:07 pm

write a wistful poem or something ......I may do just that  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:13 pm

Got things a tad mixed up - it was Huxley's 'Heaven & Hell' rather than 'Doors', but the edition I have contains both, and I last read it about 20 years ago. That's my excuse and etc etc.

"Heaven and Hell is a philosophical work by Aldous Huxley, published in 1956. The title is derived from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake. The essay explains the relationship between bright, colorful objects, geometric designs, psychoactives, and profound experience. The text is usually published in a volume combined with Huxley's companion work The Doors of Perception".  

Blogger David Anthony said... 1:32 pm

Interesting you should say that because I can manage to play Tchaikovsky's violin concerto through my teeth with some dental floss.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:34 pm

DA - How very talented, if rather icky.

Ever encountered the First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra?  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 2:09 pm

I shall write the company a letter explaining that in order to help children overcome the fear of dentists the 'music' should in fact be the sound of a dentist's dril.

A far better idea and I am sure will be a much better seller...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:13 pm

"Is it safe?"  

Blogger The Hitch said... 2:21 pm

Some idiot is going to lose a fortune on that product(i hope)

Mr Mania you become more and more of a grumpy old man with each posting.  

Blogger David Anthony said... 2:23 pm

First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

And if you see them live you can eat their instruments in a soup afterwards


Blogger Praguetory said... 9:28 pm

I quite like this idea. If it was a tune they liked you could ensure they brushed enough. Bohemian Rhapsody might have them brushing to the bone, though.  

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