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The things you can get qualifications in...

What the Malaysians call 'Toilet' Studies. Yes, really.

"Malaysia is to introduce college courses in toilet management as part of a battle against the nation's notoriously filthy public restrooms, a report said on Thursday". More here

While there are issues involving non-urbanites not being used to water closets, I am dumbfounded that proper use of bleach and a brush merits more than a five minute lesson, including introductions and fond farewells.

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Anonymous Tom Paine said... 9:20 am

You are forgetting the diversity studies modules about respect for the toilet-going habits of other cultures.  

Blogger Newmania said... 9:39 am

In this country it would be a module course with written term work forming the majority of the marks . In other words the Stygian Stables would remain stinky.
Finally a glorious real Conservative Governemnt would introduce the internationally recognised."Means of Sanitation" Diploma .

M.O.P. as it is called would become a respected quaification and the stables would be cleaned.( By M.O.P....s)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:43 am

Augean stables?  

Anonymous David Allen said... 10:05 am

C Augean/ Stygian? _ I expect those stables were pretty gloomy too! ;-)  

Blogger Newmania said... 10:37 am

"...the notorious Stygian Stables. ... name and spelling for the mythical stables that Hercules had to clean." do google ...

? is it a Greek and Roman alternative. I `d guess augean was Greek .  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:29 pm

Newmania -

You're not alone. Googling on the string "Stygian stables" yields 328 hits.

For what it's worth, Augeas/Augeias, King of Elis, was owner of the stables cleaned by Herakles/Hercules.

Stygian is the adjectival form of Styx, the name of the river that ran through Hades (and also one of my favourite bands in the 70s).  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:44 pm

I have only ever encountered 'Stygian stables' prior to today, but let us not descend into desiccated pedantry, as classical allusions of either the Greek or Latin hue are welcome.

I worry about your taste Dr S.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:09 pm

I worry about your taste Dr S.

What can I say? It was a quarter-century ago. I was young and foolish.

No? Well, it's good enough for Dave.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 2:05 pm

i bet if they made it an
A level prince harry would have failed it.  

Anonymous vikki said... 3:10 pm

"The things you can get qualifications in..."

Alas, Lord Leitch must have forgotten to include this in his report!  

Blogger Newmania said... 3:30 pm

Stygian is the adjectival form of Styx, the name of the river that ran through Hades (and also one of my favourite bands in the 70s).

I wonder how that happens. Oops I will dwell in a gloomy place known as error .....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:35 pm

N - Yup, I knew the etymology of Stygian. Maybe there is a bad pun to be had involving 'Sharon' the boatman.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 5:34 pm

sutely this is the kind of degree you need to get a job at the daily star etc?  

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