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A new front in the war against 'people of size'.

Our Scandinavian neighbours are bowing down to the Golden Calf of health and safety, and a shipping line has decided, "If you are very overweight there's a risk that you can't do your job. Being overweight is not compatible with safety". More here.

I think the correct term is body fascism, and obesity is based on the discredited BMI index. I think they should try their luck with passengers and see how far they get.....


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Blogger Newmania said... 8:31 pm

Fat people are sometimes pretty useless. On the other hand they are pretty good for breaking your fall
Or running around for excercise
Or pushing over and watching their doomed attempts to get up . Perhaps hitting them with sticks like children torturing a pet tortoise.

we need more fat people  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:38 pm

You are a bad man. Mind you, ever encountered NAAFA?

Especially the guide to flying while fed..  

Anonymous verity said... 8:57 pm

croydonian - I kept waiting for the punch line in Guide to Flying in your post. But the piece was serious!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:08 pm

Just felt the people ought to be aware of what might happen if caught on one of Ming Campbell's short hop air journeys with the rich, famous and substantially overweight....  

Anonymous verity said... 2:03 am

Croydonian notes: "the rich, famous and substantially overweight....".

These are not one food group.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:44 am

V - I know, I was referencing a post from a while back.  

Anonymous verity said... 2:46 pm

I was flying a short trip in economy once, in, I think, a 737. Three seats on either side of the aisle.

I was on the aisle and a very overweight man was at the window. When the plane took off, Fatso raised the arm of his seat so he could seep over into the middle seat. I caught his eye and said, "No," quite sharply.

To my amazement, he put the arm of his seat back down and flew squashed. Quite amusing, really.

I had a very overweight colleague once who said, while piling another slice of pie onto her plate, "Oh, I wish I could be thin like you, but the doctor said I have this hormonal imbalance."

And I said, "We should send this hormonal imbalance over to Africa, so all those children could fatten up without actually eating food."

Another fat person's favourite line, presented with an air of revelation, is, "Oh, I wish I could wear small sizes, but I just love to eat!" Like the rest of us, including the entire animal kingdom, don't really care for eating and this is a strange, unique affliction?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:53 pm

All so very true. Meanwhile, rather than kick off a new thread, what about this latest outbreak of nonsense on stilts?  

Anonymous verity said... 3:57 pm

Well, if you were a fatty like Tessa Jowell or Harriet Harmon, wouldn't you try to convince people that being thin was abnormal?

I would like Tessa Jowell, the smug, uninvited interferer in other people's lives ne plus ultra, to have a stroke of really bad luck. I absolutely hate her. She is everything that reeks about NuLabour. So is fat Cherie Blair. Privileges for me, and I will tell everyone else what to do as I am gifted with special insight into other people's families and other people's business. I almost hate NuLab women more than the men. They're all overweight and squishy, and they all wear these "dress for success" outfits. BARFFFFFFFF!!!! Tessa Jowell wore a sari once and it wasn't even Hallowe'en. She looked pretty scary, though.  

Anonymous Twiiggy said... 1:04 pm

Ann Widdicombe isn't exactly a size zero..  

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