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Labour ferrets in the sack

Iain has kicked off rather a good slogan for Blears thread, which I imagine everyone has already seen. However, I think it unfair that we've only had Blears to mock, as the rest of them deserve it too.


Meacher / McDonnell - Let's start another 70's revival. Class war is back!

Hain - The Future's Bright....

Johnson - The postman always rings twice

Harman - With a blog like mine, just think what my (deputy) leadership will be like.

Benn - Nothing reaches Middle England like the name 'Benn'.

Crudass - We can better Canaan Banana as the daftest name in politics.

I'm sure you can all do a lot better.
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Blogger Devil's Kitchen said... 6:47 pm

Crudass -- Shitty by name...


Blogger Crushed by Ingsoc said... 8:39 pm

Hilary Benn could stand on a platform of increased public spending.
He could call it 'Bills and Benn'  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:41 pm

Harman for tax harmonisation.

(maybe you were being optimistic)  

Anonymous nick drew said... 8:43 am

There are some nuances in their campaign pronouncements...

Hewitt: now look: Gordon Brown is wonderful

Harman: don’t you think Gordon will make a wonderful PM?

Hain: I’ve consistently said Gordon should be PM

Benn: Gordon ish a great socialisht and will be a great PM

Johnson: the Sun says I’m to be Deputy Leader, and they’ll tell you whether to vote for Gordon when Rupert has decided

Meacher: Gordon is not a socialist and should not be PM

McDonnell: Gordon Brown is a war criminal

Blears: as a Salford lass, I know that t’ Hitch will make a woonderful PM  

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