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Carrots and sticks, Swedish-style

"Many Swedes remain on long term sick leave even when they are capable of returning to work because they are worried about becoming unemployed - where they will earn less than their sick pay."(Source).

And what do you suppose Stockhom has concluded? That benefits might be cut to make malingering less appealing, medical checks and stopping of benefits? Nope: "An official inquiry into Sweden's social insurance system has concluded that initial unemployment benefits should rise, at least to the level of sick pay, to encourage people to move from one system to the other".

It looks as though being 'sick or being unemployed in Sweden is quite profitable: "The difference between sick pay and unemployment is significant. People on sick leave currently receive 80 percent of their salary up to 28,660 kronor per month (£2068), while the ceiling for unemployment benefit is 18,500 kronor per month (£1335!)".

I despair sometimes.


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Blogger The Hitch said... 7:59 pm

*coughs* How does one get to sign on over there?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:34 pm

I em sveedish end I em peerly I need sem benefits. No wonder the buggers don't come over here with the Poles to pick Strawberries. Fuckin ell?  

Anonymous hg said... 11:30 pm

This thread is labelled 'what's what', so I thought I could bring up

dismal dawn said... 5:59 PM
Dawn's dodgy past would destroy her, were any of our press prepared to investigate.

again from an earlier post. I wouldn't like a dodgy past to slip away unchronicled.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:47 pm

I only wish I knew what there might be on Red Dawn, there are few people in this government I would miss less.

If you know anyone who works in IT, just say 'IR35', stand back and wait for the tirade.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:27 pm

11:47 PM
'IR35' = 1 less vote that load of ##### #### ### #
#### #### ,how to destroy a contracting IT sector.  

Anonymous this guy said... 5:09 pm

No vonder Svedish farmers are so very keen on immigrasjon.  

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