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How to win friends and influence people - a lesson from Chirac.

Revisiting has reputation as 'le Bulldozer', Chirac has decided to put a few (45m?) Spanish noses out of joint by noting that he has always snubbed invitations to celebrate Spain's National Day, marking Columbus reaching North America, as '1492 is not a great day in history - the Vikings got there five centuries earlier'. And indeed the aboriginal inhabitants crossed from Eurasia a lot earlier, but....

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Anonymous this guy said... 10:36 am

Did you know when the Vikes arrived in Greenyland, there were no Eskis there? Seems they'd died out during a cold spell. Another wave arrived later.

Pedant's corner:the Academie alternative to bulldozer is buteur (i.e. butt-er). Not bad.

Wendolene not doing too well. Je crois qu'even Libe' are having doutes. (Off to check this out. Checkez-le, as the Vachibous say.)  

Anonymous verity said... 3:43 pm

Please, God, no ....! I scrolled down looking for something recent with Al Gore's name attached to put this under, but there wasn't anything, so it is discourteously O/T, but ... the Beeb tells us that eight major concerts are planned in July to highlight 'climate change'. A hundred pop stars will take part. Please, no! A hundred tattooed egos, screaming into sqiullion megawat amplifiers, lecturing the world at a million decibels, on a manipulative, one-worlder myth.

And guess who announced this pop onslaught! Al Gore "whose global warming film An Inconvenient Truth is up for two Oscars"! Who could have guessed?

Four of the unlucky venues already chosen are: Johannesburg, London, Shanghai and Sydney. Is London coming up a winner in the first decade of the 21st Century or what? A loud-mouthed, hectoring "concert" on "climate change", the Olympics and a new 70,000 man mosque. Just lucky, I guess.

I'm sorry this isn't about Chirac, the Vikings or Spain's national day, but I thought you would want to be warned.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:01 pm

Indeed, and I would have thought that Gaea theorists did not want any more hot air....  

Anonymous this guy said... 4:48 pm

Praps Chirac will attend a concert dressed as a Viking toreador?  

Anonymous verity said... 5:02 pm

That makes sense. Perhaps he could be accompanied by the vachibou.  

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