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New York got the Statue of Liberty, Quebec City gets the Vachibou

Making a bid for the least welcome and least suitable 400th birthday present award, the French have decided to give this to Quebec City:
I think that a pair of socks might have been more suitable. It will not be cast in bronze and set atop the Heights of Abraham, but rather is a logo for use in publicity etc for for French funded events commemorating the quadricentenary of the city. Lucky Quebecois. Supposedly it will "invoke (sic) the famous dairy cattle of Normandy, homeland of Quebec's original settlers, and the wild caribou that roam the Quebec tundra". ( Source)

Certain problem arise - they are moose not caribou antlers, and udders and antlers do not generally go together....

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Anonymous verity said... 2:37 pm

And what did the Quebeçois have to say to this? Were they pleased?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:44 pm

"Serge Allen, Quebec City's commissioner for the 400th anniversary celebrations, declined to offer a critique of the mascot, although he did point out that it is odd for a female cow to have a male moose's antlers.

"We have no emotions regarding that. We are neutral. We are neither cow nor moose," he joked.

Quebec is understandably reluctant to look a gift cow in the mouth, considering that France is promising to spend at least $12-million to help the province celebrate next year".

There does not appear to be an agreed birthday for Paris, otherwise I am sure the Quebeckers would be plotting a revenge involving a cockerel and a lanky military man inter alia.  

Blogger Tony said... 3:03 pm

"Certain problem arise - they are moose not caribou antlers, and udders and antlers do not generally go together...."

Maybe this suggests a certain duality in the French psyche... :)  

Blogger Newmania said... 5:14 pm

Its a sort of hermaphramoose isn`t it. No doubt if you were to google there will be a global society dedicated to the acceptance of an "orientation " to exactly such a chimera.
Call me old fashioned but I still enjoy a plain ordinary moose .

Its the way I was brought up  

Anonymous verity said... 5:26 pm

Perhaps the present comes not from France, but Russia. Moosecow.

O/T but at least I've had the courtesy to put it on an animal thread. Funny.

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