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Yet another flagship policy heading for a shipwreck

And this time it is the digitising of NHS records. The Information Commissioner has considered the application of the '98 Data Protection act in this area, having:

"...received a number of enquiries from people who have seen articles in the media relating to the introduction of electronic care records across England. Many of these individuals have expressed concern at the plans and are worried that their health records will be available to everyone across the NHS".


"Once the basic health information...is uploaded on to the NHS Summary Care Record:

• you will be able to choose to remove some or even all of the information initially uploaded

• you will be able to keep the uploaded information but make the Summary Care Record invisible."

Furthermore, "The Commissioner will be monitoring the implementation and operation of the new NHS Care Records Service to ensure patients are provided with adequate information and choices and that their health data is maintained in a safe and secure way. As part of this he will continue to engage with NHS Connecting for Health on a number of issues, in particular those relating to the accuracy of the information to be uploaded, the way people are informed about the changes and the systems in place to allowpeople to access their own information".

One might note that this is in direct contravention of the Government's averral that patients have no right to refuse consent, and I forsee an awful lot of litigation over this.


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Anonymous newmania said... 11:43 am

Great stuff C you are certainly right .

Watched an old Doughty stareet with you in it last night. It gets quite tense sometimes doesn1t it  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:46 am

From time to time, yes. I'm on the 18DS couch tonight...  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 3:56 pm

at 9?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:04 pm

Yup, with Dizzy, Recess Monkey, Mars Hill and possibly A.N.Other  

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