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An interesting Canadian development

Verity has tipped me off to an interesting item in La Presse, where a small village in Québec has decided, after polling the citizenry, to stick a stake in the ground and make a stand for what one might call liberal values:

Here are some of the questions:

'Do you believe that men and women are of equal worth?' Yes - 193, Not sure - 1, No - 2.

'Would you accept a ban on Christmas trees?' No - 100%

'Would you accept a ban on alcohol?' No - 100%

'Do you think that a male nurse should be permitted to treat a woman?' Yes - 194.

'Do you consider yourself a racist?' No - 100%

Armed with this findings, the municipality has made this declaration:

"We consider that men and women are of equal worth. So, a woman may, inter alia: drive a car, vote, sign cheques, dance, decide for herself." Consequently, "we do not consider normal stoning women in the town square, burning them alive, throwing acid at them or genital mutilation". As the Mayor says to any would be new villagers, "Don't be surprised by this. For us this is the norm. You will be free to appreciate this new way of life".

I rather agree with him.


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Blogger Newmania said... 12:50 am

"we do not consider normal stoning women in the town square, burning them alive, throwing acid at them or genital mutilation".

Controversial stuff C I read this with a brow furrowing with incredulity. It refers to our old chums the Mooslims does it ? We have loads here and I am not aware if any attempts to return to these charmingly picturesque habits. In any case are they really so very wrong.The acid ,mutilation and burning is over enthusiastic but a light stoning ,say , for not cooking tea might well have socially beneficial results.Many women would agree and yearn for the security of old boundaries , say surveys…

They say a woman may “drive a car, vote, sign cheques, dance, decide for herself.” ..on at least two counts they are factually incorrect. We mustn’t be arrogant about our Western values C a simple noble people may retain instinctive knowledge we have forgotten in our sophisticated lives.Only a light stoning mind you….the pebble dash might yet be a valued feature of suburban life.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:54 am

I hope for your sake Mrs N doesn't see that comment. I might be prepared to accept gravel throwing - at a distance of say 100 yards, and as a punishment for both sexes.  

Anonymous newmania said... 8:40 am

Oh alright then we shall retain our quaint notions of equality if you insist.
I haven`t got a good throwing arm anyway . It would take me all day to stone someone. Its not very practical is it.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:37 pm

As lighthearted as these comments are, people in muslim jurisdictions are being buried up to the neck in earth or sand, so they cannot move and their heads are at ground level.

Passers-by and idle curiosity seekers are invited to pick up stones and aim them at this person's head. The pain of all these rocks and stones hitting their heads, and being unable to escape or shield oneself must be nightmareish.

These people are women who have committed adultery. Women who have been raped, sometimes gang raped, and have been unable to come up with four independent male witnesses to the crime and are therefore deemed to have been willing participants and, again, are stoned to death. Homosexuals are another favourite group for stoning until they're dead.

It doesn't bear thinking of. There has already been one stoning to death outside Marseille. I believe there's been one in Sweden, as well, but can't verify it.

This is what the socialists have invited in to overrun our ancient civilisation.

I applaud the mayor and council in the Québecoise town for drawing their mark in the ground.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:44 pm

The other thing Herouxville might be on the look out for is the throat cutting of sheep by amateur butchers ahead of Eid. This happens in broad daylight and in public view in French bainlieus, if not with any regularity in these parts, as far as I am aware.  

Anonymous verity said... 4:14 pm

I admire the mayor and town council for making their position clear before any RoP immigrants get in and start their special pleading.

Quebbeckers really do march to their own drum.  

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