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The French update

Sego, lucky thing, is in Guadeloupe on the campaign trail, and has lapsed into creole, which I imagine is as toe culing for the Guadeloupais/e as it would be if Mr Tony tried to get all Trenchtown on us. Least there be any doubt, 'I am an upright woman, we are going to break the mould!' is 'Moin sé on fanm doubout, nou kay cassé ça!' in Creole. I'll offer you short odds that she'll end up in Tahiti at some point and very long odds on her heading to either Kerguelen or St Pierre & Miquelon. Our empire building Canadian friends have their beadies on that too....

Given that she is on the ropes over Quebec / Corsica, her inabilty to remember quite how many submarines make up the force de frappe etc etc, she's also having a good old whine about the unnamed Sarko and his camp's 'methods'. All very predicatable.

Elsewhere, the McDo trashing José Bové is intent on stepping up to the plate, to the chagrin of the PCF and la Ligue communiste révolutionnaire. Quite why is a mystery, as all can anticipate lost deposits or the equivalent all round.

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Blogger james higham said... 4:04 pm

Sarko has to be in. He looks like a president. Sege looks like a president's wife.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 5:34 pm

I am sure broon, in his desperate attempts to leave the country whenever their is trouble and mud flying, may also have an interesting agenda.
I offer you:

Broon 'the patriot' in Port Stanley?

Broon 'the vaguley anti-European' in St Helena?

Perhaps his trip to Rockall is the one I would look forward to best of all.  

Blogger Tejus Ramakrishnan said... 5:39 pm

I did read the article in the times today.. sounds like royal (&)hollande are having a domestic fight over who wears the pants..  

Anonymous verity said... 6:03 pm

Agree with James Highams.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:45 pm

I think the Socialists have chosen style over subsbtance, and she will get torn apart during this campaign. Sarko is nothing if not a smart operator.

I would fell bad about inflicting Broon on our blameless colonies, but the very limited transport to and from Pitcairn makes me hope that maybe they would be preprared to take one for the team: "Pitcairn Island does not have an airport or seaport; the islanders rely on longboats to ferry people and goods between ship and shore through Bounty Bay. To get to Pitcairn it is necessary to fly to Tahiti, then Mangareva, then embark on a further 30-hour boat ride. There is one boat every several months. Alternately, passage can be obtained aboard a few freighters out of New Zealand – it is a seven-day trip via freighter. Leaving the island is hit-and-miss; one leaves when transportation happens by, not necessarily when one wishes to go".(Source)  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:26 pm

Now that really is remote. Is it far enough away though for him to escape the flak over cash-for peerages?

if your reading Gordon, it's worth a try....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:33 pm

If he goes next Friday, it would cost £744.10 before tax to fly from London to Tahiti, connecting in Paris and LA.

If he's up for it, I will pay for his entire family too if he promises never to come back. If flying first or business would close the deal, does someone want to offer to share the cost?  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:37 pm

I could donate some hard earned airmiles....  

Blogger Tejus Ramakrishnan said... 9:53 pm

sarko is better.. but he did take back a women who left him for another man.. a character flaw perhaps?  

Anonymous newmania said... 12:47 am

Isn`t Pitcairn the place with all the incest and Mr. Christians practically carpeting the place.?  

Anonymous Somchai said... 5:56 am

Yes, N, and they've just built a prison there because of it. Only place in Pitcairn with internal plumbing - or, indeed, plumbing. Apparently three lucky Brit prison officers won the sweep to go to work there for the period of the sentences. So, is it right for Gordo? Well, he probably likes plumbing so he'd probably chuck 'em out and have it refurbished, courtesey of the UK taxpayer.  

Anonymous Somchai - what, again? said... 6:20 am

Right on topic, another little gem:

Went shopping to Big C yesterday and Nang (Mrs) S. bought kai yeouw maa. These are what you and I know as hundred year old eggs although they are not so old nor buried for a ton in the riverbank. That's a Chinese marketing porkie from way back. Big C supermarket chain is apparently owned by the French yet you can't get a bit of proper, real cheese there. I ask you - French grocers & no real cheese!

But, I digress. It is not unknown for the world of Ad & Pro to make use of hyperbole but this is the first time I have ever seen euphemism used in the field of marketing. Now, if I may remind your readers, C, kai yeouw maa means horse piss eggs - well, eggs piss horse. That's what they're pickled in. But this is obviously a little too realistic for our Gallic grocers so, in English, on the packet, they are reduced to mere 'alkaline' eggs. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it somehow. Nor the same taste - these were a bit underdone for me. They're also, according to my good lady, a famous aid to errectile function but I think that's more Doc Crippen's turf.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:22 am

Somchai - a fine tale. Way back lost in the mists of time the former Mrs C used to patronise a butchers in Clapham which also sold cheese and other fine things. One of its specialities was one year old chedar, which with great wit I would call hundred year old cheddar. She used the term in front of an in-law, who being a local went to Moens (for that is the establishment, and long may it prosper) and asked for it by that name, prompting much hilarity fron the staff at his expense.  

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