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Some *good* news for Saddam. Or at least his soul.

Apparently he died on a very auspicious date in the Hindu religious calendar: Vaikunta Ekadasi, which "according to Hindu Shastras, is the most auspicious occasion for a person's death, particularly for one seeking martyrdom irrespective of religion". More here.

Elsewhere, Hindu blog notes: "It is widely believed that the gates to heaven open - the Gate of Vaikuntha - on the Vaikunta Ekadashi day. The ‘Vaikunta Dwaram’ or ‘the gate to the heaven’ is opened on this day. This is the passage encircling the innermost sanctum of the Lord. Scores of devotees queue up to pass through the Gate of Vaikunta in the temples".


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Anonymous Jonathan Sheppard said... 2:26 pm

Not sure he will be heading upwards myself  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:37 pm

If so,there goes the neighbourhood....  

Anonymous verity said... 2:53 pm

Croydonian - Funny!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:05 pm

Another example of the satanic NWO's obsession with the occult.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:06 pm

At least if he goes to hindu heaven/hell he can be sure of finding a corner shop open.  

Blogger Cranmer said... 3:24 pm


The presumption that the atman of Saddam has achieved mokshe is erroneous. According to the Laws of Manu, he will be trapped in samsara for some considerable time.

His Grace rather thinks that Saddam's latest incarnation is as a cockroach. He may be stamped upon at any monent, once again fulfilling his karma. These creatures are useful for only one thing - surviving nuclear war. Iran may be aware of this...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:57 pm

Good to know that one can continue to count on Your Grace's insight into matters theological. If memory serves, samsara is also a manner of perfume.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:58 pm

He had an Appointment in Samsara. (Some people may not get this reference.)  

Anonymous newmania said... 6:33 pm

Not me Verity.

Seeing the coverage of this confirms my growing belief that the death penalty might be uncomfortable but it would be right in a few cases(real life sentences). It would also be expensive which is not so good  

Anonymous verity said... 7:09 pm

I'm a strong supporter of the death penalty for murder.

I see John Hirst is still posting his brains out over on Iain's, sucking up, dying (we wish!) to get on Doughty Street.  

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