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A very, very clunky attempt at news management

Who defines what is newsworthy? In these parts, editors for traditional media, and readers / viewers for disintermediated media. Not, however, in the 'People's Republic' of China.

China Daily has this quadruple take of a headline: "Top 10 Olympic News Stories unveiled".

These include such reader magnets as "Supportive structures of the National Stadium removed successfully", the rather alarming "Over 240,000 Beijingers apply for volunteers" (sic), and "Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games Mascot Fu Niu Lele unveiled" (FNL looks like a rather able bodied cow to me, for what that's worth). However, number one with a bullet (which is what Chinese newspaper editors must be striving to avoid) is "Chinese government attaches great importance to Olympic preparation".

Perhaps readers would like to add their own Olympic news stories....

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Anonymous peter hitchens said... 6:03 pm

I wonder if they will be charging the olympic shooting competitors for their own bullets?  

Anonymous nick drew said... 6:44 pm

You heard it here first ...

Olympic Village Faces Delays

Worried Chinese officials admitted today that there was likely to be a delay in completing the Olympic Village, and that athletes may have to be accommodated in neighbouring towns and bussed to the Games.

This is as the result of a strike vote by construction workers, who are demanding a payrise of $50 per day and a third daily mealbreak. Union official Yeh Rite Sun said yesterday that weeks of patient negotiations had broken down, and his members would now mount a picket outside Communist Party headquarters.

Games officials stressed that they would be exploring further conciliation avenues, and vowed to respect the employment rights of the workers. A spokesman said:

"The workers have every right to withhold their labour. It is against our Socialist principles to employ blacklegs: we are sure this dispute can be resolved through the usual channels."

The building site remained silent this morning.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 6:48 pm

new sport

olympic executions

marked on technical merit and artistic impression  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 6:48 pm

London Olympics.Destined to end in debt  

Anonymous peter hitchens said... 6:56 pm

If hte chinese cant manage we most certainly fail.
No doubt some union official currently has his balls attached to a generator to aid "negotiations"  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 8:15 pm

just seen peter shilton saving shots in front of a plastic goal in the foyer of luton airport on that docusoap

sad really  

Anonymous peter hicthens said... 10:37 pm

Mr mortice that is sad, and hilarious in a cruel way (+:
maybe C could organise a competition to see who can come up with the most amusing comedown or most pointless exploitation of long gone celebrity for a famous person ?

Pele had to advertise Viagra on Brazilian TV ,thats pretty bad.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:40 pm

All a bit Troy McLure, isn't it?

I fear that the attention whores who do 'I'm a celebrity' scoop the pool. I just hope Henry Cooper never takes the Stannah stairlift 'dollar'.  

Anonymous peter hicthens said... 10:58 pm

Duncan Goodhew would be a good choice for one of those walk in baths.

ex coronation streets
"fred Elliott" reccomends Hollands pies.

TV funnyman Les Dennis advertises funeral plans on afternoon TV.

Tony Blair IS the face of DFS!  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 11:50 pm

i think you meant cherie blair there hicth'.possibly even better use of our time is thinking of who we'd love to see in the ultimate comedown tv contest.

cherie flogging a bad breath cure would cbe my personal advert of choice  

Anonymous verity said... 12:54 am

Rigger - that's good.

What about Tony Blair advertising Jack Nicholson sunshades?


Anonymous flamingstratman said... 7:38 am

New olympic anthem :
I Like Chinese (by Monty Python)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:31 am


Anonymous No 25 & chips (Sutton) said... 4:51 pm

Ah yes, I Like Chinese

"...even tho they come up only to your knees..."

Can just imagine it blailing out ova opening celemony. Like when devout Greek Orthodox Cypriots opened some athletics thingy with John Lenin's "Imagine...there's no heaven...and no religion too."
(If you think Lenin's silly, check out the words of System of a Down."  

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