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"I am a Ford, not a Lincoln"

A very brief observation on Gerald Ford. He deserves our respect for these fine words in his oath of office speech:

"My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works; our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men". The full speech is here

He was right.
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Anonymous newmania said... 1:39 pm

Thanks for that C what a perfect speech for its moment that was. Dignified without being distant . These nuances of tone are so very hard to get right . I wonder to what extent it was his work . It rings true ...in fact what does that matter.  

Anonymous peter hitchens said... 2:29 pm

His daughter buys nighties off my mother.
I recall him as a man who couldnt walk ten paces without falling over.
And that nice Mr Bush has made the constitution null and void, in his words "its just a fucking piece of paper"  

Anonymous newmania said... 2:41 pm

"its just a fucking piece of paper"

He said that ?!  

Anonymous peter hicthens said... 2:58 pm

dont forget the bush family is a business, not a collection of concerned citizens who have a deep interest in serving their country,
American politics is deeply fucked up, makes our lot look like saints.  

Anonymous newmania said... 3:03 pm

supposedly. ahhhhh........  

Anonymous peter hicthens said... 3:10 pm

fuck what he said just lok what he has done.

hmmmmmmmmmm howdid that 800 page patriot act come to be written and printed before 911?

if you enjoy seeing a good shoeng type
"keith olberman" into youtube , all his stuff is good would be nivce if we had somebody to do the same to blair
"terror storm" is another good watch  

Blogger james higham said... 4:10 pm

Croydonian, is this just stirring up the readership? Of course his speechwritten address was excellent but his subsequent actions gave the lie to it.  

Anonymous newmania said... 4:15 pm

I do not share any of this instinctive anti Americanism.What is Hitch suggesting with his patriot act ready to go ? That they bombed their onw city?


Blogger Croydonian said... 4:16 pm

James - No, seriously. I just admire the sentiments he expressed and felt that they were worth repeating. I had forgotten that PH is not a big fan of Busg fils.  

Anonymous peter hitchens said... 4:34 pm

911 was an inside job,

Do you really think that our rulers are nice people and incapable of such an act?  

Anonymous newmania said... 4:58 pm

PHITCH-slaughtering there own people for god knows what motive and being "nice" does allow for considerable shades of grey between.

So No and Yes.

You have got whistleblower syndrome PHITCH its a well know condition and the fact that you have recently basked in the thanks of an adoring multitude for this very activity has turned your head.The problem with all this anti Americansim is that it turns us to Europe which is a bad thing and a worse than useless thing when it comes to defence.  

Anonymous peter hitchens said... 5:28 pm

Im not anti american
I am anti NWO !
who made NORAD stand down?

why did building 7 of the WTC collapse despite not being hit?

why was the cia conducting a drill to deal with a terror attack that involed 4 aircraft striking sky scrapers the pentagon and the whitehouse ?

who were the weehawken 5?

no govt would ever test nukes on it own troops would they?
no american govt would ever deliberatley infect black men with syphilis would they?

No govt would manufacture lies to go to war would they?  

Anonymous peter hitchens said... 5:30 pm

And just who is this menace we all need defending from?
russia has no interrest in invading us, nor do the chinese, I could give a fuck if the Iranians get a nuclear bomb either  

Blogger istanbultory said... 6:07 pm

Compared to his successor in office, the man was a political giant...and what a complex family history he had.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:01 pm

Not you again! Thanks for recommending Keith Oberman (whatever). If you look up the word "ass" in the dictionary, you'll see his picture next to the definition.

You really are struggling to say something cynical if you have to dredge up Gerald Ford tripping on some stairs and Keith Bloody Olberman for fucks sakes!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:02 pm

Not you again! Thanks for above directed to peter Bloody Hitchens  

Anonymous peter hitchens said... 9:06 pm

Have a lie down, you are obviously unwell.
Have you consulted a Doctor recently ?
*Hitchens looks concerned*  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:24 pm

Peter is very popular in these parts.  

Anonymous newmania said... 9:58 pm

Kris is quite emotional isn`t he I wonder what Peter did to him ? I think its balls myself but enjoyable ...and you never know .  

Anonymous peter hicthens said... 10:29 pm

Mr mania
the Kunt uses bog trotting thug roy keanes face as his ID.
Says it all
I have a couple of good keane anectdotes , having had the misfortune to live/drink in the same area.
Total fucking oaf!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:56 pm

I'm intrigued- which is the "over emotional" bit? Saying Keith Oberman is an ass?

Common knowledge "Mr" Hitchens....

All the best!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:59 pm

BTW, "total fucking oafs" are unable to argue the point and have to resort to name calling. I am sure you are indeed most popular boy with erudite observations such as "His daughter buys nighties off my mother" etc.

Very learned.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:04 pm

Gentlemen - please.  

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