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Ten things I would never do

Dale's tagged Dizzy with this, and Dizz has tagged me. Thanks a whole bunch, mate.

1 - Have anything by the Beatles in my record collection.
2 - Go to Brussels again.
3 - Live on the wrong side of the River.
4 - Watch a soap opera.
5 - Wax nostalgic about the 1970s.
6 - Wear a shellsuit.
7 - Buy a ringtone.
8 - Run for elected office.
9 - Dye my my hair.
10 - Drink sherry.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:07 pm

By default, I look forward to your conversion to Islam...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:12 pm

Ho ho. Make that 11th.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:14 am


Anonymous newmania said... 7:06 am

What wrong with the Beatles ?
I am not rising to that river ,which side nonsense.You live in Croydon which is nearer the sea than any river but if I had to characterise it it would be the rive merde. Nope not rising at all.

I think by the way that Dales was dousing down any "run for Mayor" movement ,in disguise.Now he`s on the A list he would rather be selected than elected which is the problem the Conservatives Party has . Too many creeps . Judging by his Cameroon anti ideology blurb Dale is another Stepford wife now.

Like there was a shortage  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:40 am

Beatles - I find them twee and vastly overrated.

As to the River business, I had to throw the dogs a few bones, but having been both sides I prefer Sarf.

Hmmm. Not how I read Iain at all. I think we all get carried away with this blogging malarkey and forget that even the biggest names are only known of by a tiny minority of people. I might try asking some 'civilians' if they can name any, and will not be standing by for a laundry list of names.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 11:02 am

whats bad about shell suits  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:04 am

RM - each to their own.  

Anonymous La Vie Est Belge said... 1:19 pm

And purely because i happen to live here... why would you never come back to Brussels?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:30 pm

Because of the legendary rudeness of the Bruxellois.  

Anonymous Ellee said... 1:34 pm

Good to know you are a natural blond.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:40 pm

If a touch grizzled these days....  

Anonymous La Vie Est Belge said... 1:49 pm

Fair point... i suppose you just get used to it if you stay here long enough.

To be fair, if you find the bruxellois rude, the parisiens must surely top that particular list non?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:03 pm

Parisians can be remarkably charmless, yes, but I think the Bruxellois take the crown. We discussed this very comparison a while back.  

Anonymous verity said... 2:15 pm

Ringtones! I forgot ringtones! That's my No.11.  

Anonymous David said... 2:26 pm

Can I recommend Tio Pepe on the rocks? _ not at all grannyish!  

Anonymous La Vie Est Belge said... 2:30 pm

"According to a poll of Hollanders by De Teegraaf"... right - a poll of Dutch people find Belgians more loutish and ill mannered than they are? Stop the press! The Flemish hate the Dutch, the Dutch hate the Flemish. The Walloons hate the French and vice-versa.

In fact, the only thing that unites Belgium is that the only time the Flems and 'loons stop attacking each other is when they're lambasting their neighbours!

Awfully remiss of me for not finding the original post; however, i would hate to think it would have any impact on your (or anyone else's) overall view of la Belgique... especially if one weren't fully versed in Benelux rapprochement.

Lest we forget, la vie n'est pas belle - la vie est Belge!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:39 pm

David - it isn't the cultural resonance that puts me off, tis the taste...

LVEB - Noo, the Dutch thought the Belgians were the world politeness champions.

It is of course the same here - English vs the rest, North vs South, North London vs Sarf London etc. I once asked a Kiwi colleague if the same thing went on there, but apparently not. I did discover that Kiwis refer to Oz as West Island though.

Peut etre une vie belge est pire qu'une vie belle?  

Anonymous La Vie Est Belge said... 3:02 pm

"Noo, the Dutch thought the Belgians were the world politeness champions." - stick, wrong end of... must stop trying to multitask - am a bear of very little brain. To make matters worse, still can't get my grey matter around the Dutch supporting the Belgians in any way!

"Peut etre une vie belge est pire qu'une vie belle? " ... ben, bof - oui, t'as raison. Mais si t'as pas une belle vie, et a mon avis la vie n'est pas belle en generale, une vie belge suffit pour moi. Better than a kick in the happy-sacks at any rate ;o)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:23 pm

Donc, bon continuation...  

Anonymous Suttonian said... 5:28 pm

If you want rudeness, try London.
Generally. But especially in shops, where the aim is clearly to get thru the day using as few words as possible to the customers.
The words "morning", hello or even "'lo" seem obsolete.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 7:33 pm

Yes, but most of the people to whom you refer tend to speak English as a second language. If you see what I mean.  

Blogger dearieme said... 11:07 pm

You're wrong about sherry. Start with Pedro Ximinez and then work towards the dry ones.  

Anonymous vikki said... 10:19 am

"run for elected office"

Stage a coup d'etat  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:25 am

S - tis not so much deliberate rudeness as oafishness in the Great Wen. Mind you, the way some customers behave, I'm not surprised. A regular feature of jaunts to my local supermarket is that of customers yammering into mobiles while paying for their groceries - absolutely diabolical behaviour.

DM - you can have my share if you like. Conversely, I have a grave weakness for port, which reminds me of the quality (?) witticism that I am saving up for a *very* rainy day - Humble narrator at dinner party, host offers white or red port, outside the thunder rages, and HN replies, 'Any port in a storm'. The day will come.

Vikki - Any chance of you staging the coup d'etat on my behalf? I think I would be a benevolent dictator.  

Anonymous vikki said... 11:16 am

Not a chance! You might want to consider joining the guerrilla army....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:20 am

Ah well. I think I'll stick to being a keyboard warrior.  

Anonymous vikki said... 12:49 pm

Dont you think the taliban could do with a keyboard warrior? I hear they are still recruiting......  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:08 pm

Not a group I am much in sympathy with, and both my Pashto and Dari are a little rusty....  

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