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Livingstone - Fan of property speculation

Curious but true.

"[The Olympics] will make a profit," he said. "We are buying land now, we are doing it up. It will be sold for the construction of housing and employment immediately after the games so this money will come back in." (Source).

I may well get around to doing a hatchet on the world's largest open air steroid fest, but will now content myself with noting that back of an envelope projections of costs of hosting the wretched events will be circa £10bn by 2012. And this is without factoring in all the off-balance sheet issues, and note also the rather ambitious projection of 82% of all tickets being sold, and 63% of Paralympic tickets being sold. Projected income from the events stands at £2.74 billion, with funding of £2.37 billion from Council Tax (£20 per household for 12 years), the Lottery etc. So, just a small black hole to worry about.

Cancel it NOW, before the Dome looks like bargain of the millenium.

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Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 1:26 pm

couldn't agree more,saw some o this on TV the other day and the dome sprang to mind.then wembley stadium.......

it doesn't bear thinking about where this budget ould ned up.I only hope we don't get taxed for the extra  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:14 pm

I'd have to agree. But there is not the smallest chance it will be cancelled. They will push ahead whatever happens; that much is clear from Blair's proselytising about it at PMQT today.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:17 pm

You sure you want to live in London Martine? It is going to cost you....  

Anonymous verity said... 2:35 pm

The Olympics is the single most ridiculous event in the world. Does anyone, other than the competitors and their parents, care who can run round an arena the fastest, who can jump highest, who can do the best sommersauts and so on? If they care, let them finance these events themselves, and find a venue to show off in themselves and leave everyone else alone.

Trust Livingstone and Tony "A Day Late And A Dollar Short) Blair to get in on the Olympics just as it is fading. Barcelona and LA were the high points, so now we've seen it all. Y-a-a-w-w-w-w-n.

(Actually, I didn't see either one, having an incredibly low boredom threshhold, but I heard about them.)

At the same time, we should bomb that gigantic, obscene mosque the muzzies are building so it will be the dominating building in the opening TV shots. This needs to come down pronto and I'm sure we could find some likely lads to take care of it. Or, as it will be very well guarded, we might have to poison its water supply.  

Anonymous newmania said... 3:29 pm

Verity SAID -other than the competitors and their parents, care who can run round an arena the fastest

I think you may be projecting a tad here Verity. I certainly care about as much as I care about anything. I am part of the vast majority. Everyone was delighted with the Olympics coming to London and infuriating though it is to see Livingstone taking credit isn’t early to be saying bah humbug. I do not see why Londoners should have to pick up the bill and the, supposed profit from development is of course siphoned from mortgage payers whose locations are all that bit more expensive for this land being with held from the market . Nonetheless much more important problem is the dearth of British Athletics talent and the looming possibility of the worst host nation performance ever

Why is this? Because prat Livingstone and his Lambeth bred type have been making the little fat drips to run around a track once a decade if they promise to all get to the end at the same time.


Anonymous verity said... 3:43 pm

Mr Luckman
I gather that you are the "techie" that who can identify me and for some reason that should bother me.
Please elaborate , I enjoy threats.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:58 pm

Your IP address appears to start 84.69.208, and originate from pol.co.uk.

I am not interested in threats, but rather would prefer that people posted using a unique identity.  

Anonymous the real verity said... 3:58 pm

I don't think Croydonian has ever claimed to be a techie. Especially not a forensic techie.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 4:31 pm

This impersonation of Verity lark is getting very tiresome.
I digress.
Remember the Manchester Commonwealth Games? They were not "on budget" - the taxpayer had to bail them out to the tune of over 100 million. The Wembley stadium was due to cost 250 million, and is now going to cost over 800 million. The Nu Labour Project has one fatal flaw at its heart: a lack of interest in joined-up planning (but an obsession with glitzy PR)and a penchant for over-spend (it's in their ideological DNA). But we are the ones who stand to benefit...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:48 pm

The thing that does my head in the the most is the wilful refusal to learn any lessons.

The Millenium tent disaster was caused by the attempt to build quickly on contaminated land. they only dug 2 metres; so not enough depth now for redevelopment. Hence no developers being interested except to turn it into other things.

Now exactly the same idiotic appraoch is being taken on an even bigger scale. Let's scrap this old industrial site, failt o clear it up, plant some trees and stadia and watch the world come to town.

And afterwards it will be worth far less than imagined. This is crucial as in the next few years the overpsend will be dismissed becuase the government will say they will recoup 'their' money when they sell on parts for development.

Just like the Dome, only bigger.  

Anonymous bogus verity said... 5:06 pm

That information posted will stay private and will not be posted anywhere else nor used in anyway.
I was making a point.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:10 pm

BV - Indeed. I don't suppose it was very difficult to find.  

Anonymous Suttonian said... 5:10 pm

Verity & Newmania are both wrong. There are plenty of things more absurd than the 'Lympics. The UN in general (or any) session for a start.
Nor did we all rejoice that Lunnon got the Limpix. But I'll watch quite a lot of it on telly so I don't need it to be in London, which is supoosed to give us some kind of little Englander superiority.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:26 pm

One of the perennial irritations of Olympic coverage is that a minority sport which the media has ignored for years suddenly becomes a 'blue ribband event' as soon as the British are in with a sniff of a medal. I don't doubt that the two rowers (Pinsent and the other chap) are fine athletes, but no one gave a stuff about rowing other than the boat race until Brits started winning. Stand by for small bore rifle shooting, modern pentathlon or somesuch getting similarly laudatory coverage if and when.

The broader point is that the man or woman on the couch is not really bothered about Olympic events beyond some of the athletics. Cutting the games down to size by only including events which are won by speed or distance would be a start.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 5:32 pm

Nobody has mentioned the 1991 sheffield " world student games" debacle(another Blunkett FU) these events are nothing more than ego trips for politicians and very peculiar people who think running around in circles or jumping into a sand pit is a worthwhile use of their lives.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 5:42 pm

Yes, the residents of Sheffield are, indeed, still paying for the 1991’s World Student Games.  

Anonymous newmania said... 7:04 pm

Wow C has a stalker and the timing is good as I noticed the Uk`s first web rage attack about a week ago .
BAD NEWS stalker found prey easily
BAD NEWS Travelled over a hundred miles to Southend
BAD NEWS Took an axe
GOOD NEWS Did not use axe
BAD NEWS Used kitchen knife instead
GOOD NEWS Victim lived
BAD NEWS Only just

Thats alot more bad news than good  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:10 pm

N - Thanks a /bunch/.

I don't think I'd rate much more than a drive by snubbing.  

Anonymous bogus verity said... 7:57 pm

I was only planning to throw a water balloon at him or staple some photos on local trees.
"This man wears yellow socks"  

Anonymous Bogus Verity 2 said... 8:56 pm

And those yellow socks do look most fetching on Mr Luckman. Good for you C.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:42 pm

Gawd, this is turning into a low rent version of the Guido 'No, I am Peter Hitchens' thread.

And I'm utterly unabashed about my taste in socks. They are, inter alia, one of Ian Dury's 'Reasons to be Cheerful'.  

Anonymous Nicholas Bennett said... 1:41 am

£10 billion is my forecast as well.

Interestingly Livingstone last night at Bromley started to shift his ground. At the start of the two hour 'People's Question Time' it was not a penny more than 38p a week from Londoners. By the end he was suggesting that he might be forced to raise it if Mrs Mills (aka Ms Jowell) wanted to recover the extra £900m.

Montreal residents are celebrating today having finally finished paying for the 1976 Olympics.  

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