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Ingrate's corner, or Swedes in Space

Christer Fuglesang, chosen in '95 to wave the blue and yellow in orbit, has thrown a hissy fit because he has not yet managed his galactic jolly. He has taken umbrage that Stockholm has not stumped up the 100m SKR (£7.5m) to queue jump. I feel vaguely embarassed about borrowing the odd fiver, and cannot imagine that I would have the chutzpah to demand that every man, woman and child in my country should give me circa 82 pence to engage in space tourism.

While all of us can name a number of astronauts/cosmonauts, I would be astonished if anyone has top of mind recall of the British equivalents of Mr Fuglesang.
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Anonymous newmania said... 10:31 am

Not me , when you look at the moon landing now it seems astonishing that such a lot or resources should have been wasted . I belive we got skateboards and nonstick pans out of it . There must be easier way  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:42 am

Here comes an anecdote:

NASA spent terrifying amounts of momey creating a pen that would work in zero gravity, in order that astronauts might exhibit good penmanship. Cosmonauts used pencils.

Being of an age that I was a small person at the time of the later moon shots, I'm a bit conflicted about manned space missions - yes, they are all rather exciting, but I do not think that the private sector would ever have sent a man to the moon. Heaven knows how much American taxpayers forked out for that.  

Anonymous newmania said... 4:11 pm

Wrong on the pencils though C the graphite floats and is dangerous .
On the other hand there was no need for an anti gravity pump pen in zero gravity . A biro works .

Saw it on the telly  

Anonymous verity said... 4:20 pm

Mr Mania they did use a pencil.
I also recall that it used to be possible to buy a NASA approved Biro that could write underwater.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:27 pm

When Soyuz and Apollo linked up all those years ago, the US contingent were a bit bewildered that Soyuz maintained orbit by use of a large revolving drum....  

Anonymous newmania said... 4:45 pm

Not PHITCHES style eh C ? That is him.

Peter I wish you wouldn`t do that its a mean joke . I like Verity`s posts and as even so inoffensive a person as I has caused her to threaten to disappear entirely (twice)that is quite obviously what she will do . I appeal to your dignity , honour and chivalry and humbly request you return in your true guise.Not everyone can be expected to have the endless tolerance good humour and many fine qualities I have.  

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