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Euro 'mastodons bellowing across the primeval swamp'

(With thanks to the Master for the quote)

One would think that the 'no' in the French referendum had killed the 'European' constitution stone dead, but it would seem not. Le Monde reports that sundry eurocrats, retired politicians (remember Giscard, or Helmut Schmidt?) are demanding that 'We cannot stay deaf and blind to the necessity of restarting the process of European integration'. The ridiculous Giscard comments, 'The 'No' of 2005 was an accident. The social and economic climate has now changed'.

So, the iron law of European affairs re-asserts itself - the only direction for the EU is for further integration, any 'yes' vote is for all eternity, and any 'no' vote will be challenged until such time as 'the deaf and blind' vote the 'right' way.
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Anonymous verity said... 1:44 pm

Of course they will try and force this sorry mess upon us all , it is the Eurpopean way.
That and enforced homosexuality and drug taking.  

Anonymous Ellee said... 2:09 pm

It certainly isn't done and dusted. I know the LibDemb MEP Andrew Duff is trying his hardest to get this back on the agenda, without success so far, but it will have to be faced one day soon.  

Blogger Cranmer said... 5:34 pm

His Grace, of course, shares these concerns, and has made the same point on his august blog, but how does one respond to those politicians who are fixated with a teleology? If there is a fore-ordained end, all means are justified. How does one actually challenge this in a fashion that is not 'foolishness to the Greeks'?  

Blogger istanbultory said... 7:11 pm

As far as the EU institutions are concerned, European federalism is not only highly desirable but inevitable. Only the means are at issue. The EU institutions seem to have dropped the grand constitutional option and are now intent on reworking the basic substance of the Constitution into a new intergovernmental treaty.
LibDemb MEP Andrew Duff is a complete fool, strangely obsessed with the question of admitting Turkey into the EU. I doubt if his constituents share that particular obsession.  

Anonymous Peter in France said... 7:42 pm

Hi I live in France, the French people will not allow the constitution to be ressurected,they will not allow their veto to be annulled, they do take to the streets on mass. Their politicians then do listen. The revoloution is celebrated in France with a passion that is hard to recognise from outside this country. The French "non" wiil be a hard one for them to change.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:02 pm

Peter - I hope you are right. Meanwhile, bienvenu.  

Anonymous newmania said... 9:45 pm

Agree with all that , I think I reacall Mastodons bellowing across a swamp in a PG Wodehouse Golf Story "Heart of a Goof". Is this the master you mean.

I assume not  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:07 pm

N - That's exactly who I meant.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:03 am

D'accord, Peter. Ils sont serieux. They remember their revolution with vigour. They won't tolerate it, unlike the British who would write a few letters to the newspapers and then shrug when it went through anyway. Until you live in France, you have absolutely no concept of how much in control the French people are of their government. Vive la République Francaise!  

Anonymous verity said... 1:34 am

Their TV entertainment shows are hell on wheels - the only vaguely bearable ones being copies of British trash products, and even then done badly - and the discussion shows are so grave, pretentious and posturing that you want to take them out with serious weaponry - but, by God, they are in control of their government.

And that's what counts.  

Anonymous newmania said... 12:06 pm

Well I would just like to pat myself on the back for getting that reference then .

Pat Pat pat  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:36 pm

N - Indeed. No one dare call him or herself English without at least some knowledge of Pelham Grenville's oeuvre.  

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