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Canada gets Gallowayed

As though they haven't suffered enough of late, our Canadian friends have just been Gallowayed. The permatanned one has been dodging around Canada being shy and retiring, much as one would expect.

Some highlights:

"...[PM] Harper's actions at the APEC summit in Hanoi show he lacks diplomacy skills and doesn't understand Canada's place in the world".

I'm sure George can name the entire Canadian cabinet, and list major issues in Canadian politics with scarcely a second's notice.

"Galloway also weighed in on Canada's Liberal leadership contest, saying that "Anyone but Ignatieff" is a common slogan in British politics".

How very true, conversations in the pubs of Westminster are peppered with that thought, scarcely a day goes by without it featuring in Parliament, and leader writers struggle daily with the task of finding a new way to say that very thing.
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Anonymous verity said... 6:27 pm

Funny post, C!  

Anonymous ajh said... 6:31 pm

Oh God.

Having worked in the Canadian parliament for a while and seen Harper win the Tory party leadership and heard about Galloway from friends and family who worked for Lab/Libs in Bethnal Green &Bow/Tower Hamlets I cant imagime them having a civil conversation or any coversation.

Harper is as right win as GG is left. Can't say I've noticed much involement in the war on their part and the Lib's hate MI as much as Harper does. He was parachuted into a safe Toronto seat and just about held it when the Lib's lost their majority.

They dont follow British politics over there even if they pay lip service to it, so no one will have a clue who GG is. Politics is hardly radicalised over there if the state of the NDP is anything to go by and there is no RESPECT equivilent (thankfully).  

Blogger istanbultory said... 6:32 pm

For a son of the proletariat and a friend to the Ummah, he certainly likes to lead a life style refreshingly free of modesty. Like the blairs, GG is only in for the money...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:43 pm

Just did a quick google to confirm who it was who responded to being upbraided for drinking champagne or somesuch and replied 'Nothing's too good for the working class', and as I had thought, it was indeed Aneurin Bevan.

The amusing bit is quite how many google hits see that phrase used in connection with Galloway...

See for yourselves.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:17 pm

Apparently he's going to be launching an internet TV channel in the new year.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:25 pm

I think we can all safely assume that it will not be funded by the Israeli foreign office.  

Anonymous David Allen said... 7:37 pm

Footnote to "Nothing's too good for....": I first came across this from Mrs. Eric Heffer, defending hers and Eric's ownership of a (white?) Mercedes back in the '80s. Although her version was apparently:
"Nothin's too good for the workers, darlin!"
All these years I have been crediting her with this drolerie, but it was old Aneurin after all....  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:48 pm

Very funny C good one  

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