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One bloggers' convention later...

Got to meet (in alpha) Alan (Prison works), Ellee, (Ellee Symour), Geoff (Geoff), Iain (Iain Dale),Prague Tory (Prague Tory) and Tom (Injured Cyclist and a splendid time was had. I look to be the first one to blog it, so I win.


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Blogger dizzy said... 12:15 am

no mention of me? :(  

Blogger beethoven writes said... 12:17 am

SAD! Ha ha!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:23 am

Dizzy - met you before dude...

IC - and you and Dizzy for checking....  

Anonymous Will_B said... 12:57 am

heh heh heh...

Speecking of conferences... Croydonian, will you be at party conference?
I've to go down to the Pavillion tommorrow and collect my pass. I only got out of police vetting this morning...

-grumbles and scowls- Bloody slow party machine, bloody slow police.  

Anonymous vikki said... 6:20 am

So.....you've been unmasked! you were not covering your face were you?  

Blogger istanbultory said... 7:30 am

I note that the Noble Cranmer was not at your bloggers shindig.
Mr. Croydonian,
Have you seen this yet-

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:01 am

Will - I'm not going to be around, no. Unless there's an absolutely unmissable fringe meeting whicch might tempt me out of my Croydon fastness....

V - drinking through a straw was a bit of a trial...  

Anonymous a Suttonian said... 10:11 am

Totally irrelevantly -

Catherine Ney on Europe 1 this morning made the fascinating pt that no French president has had a common name, i.e Martin or Dupont. E.g. Pompidou,mac Mahon, Mitterand (Mythe errant, like chevalier errant I spose). The only exception I can find is Felix Faure (1895-9), Faure being one of numerous forms of Smith.

So Strauss-Kahn wd be the best bet against "Sharko" Sarkozy.

A bientot. 30.9.06 11:05  

Blogger Praguetory said... 10:21 am

Well done on being first back to the terminal. For me drinking continued past midnight in and around Bermondsey Street. I am looking forward to a good fry-up.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:33 am

Suttonian - A fascinating meander. I had a look at the various lists, and might posit Lebrun (sounds very Breton to me). It is a similar tale with prime ministers, although there was a Simon and Herriot.

What really took me aback was finding a William Waddington (in 1879). Up there with Bernardo O'Higgins with unlikely names for national leaders.

I might do a post on this...  

Anonymous Ellee said... 1:03 pm

It really was great, I enjoyed meeting you all - and seeing the unmasked Croydonian, and very handsome he is too.

I have now posted about it at http://elleeseymour.com/2006/09/30/the-night-i-met-my-blogging-friends/

I'm sure a few people will want to check out the pic of you.

Btw, I met a Cambridge musician on the train home who had just played with the Croydonian Symphony, Orchestra, I had a good journey back. Also chatted to an exhausted city worker just finishing work, complaining how nobody in the city had any real values any more, his phone kept ringing with people wanting advice on whether to sell shares, what a miserable life.

Looking forward to meeting up again sometime.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:08 pm

Elle - very kind of you to say so. Everybody already knew what a fine looking lady you are. It was a great pleasure to meet you, along with the rest of the gang, and we really must do it again some time soon.

Must say I think you and I have the right idea in having opted out of wage slavery and commuting.....  

Blogger The Ghost Of Peter said... 5:25 pm

So out of that lot who was the one that kept running to the lavatory everytime a round was due?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:51 pm

No round ducking that I spotted, Peter  

Blogger Geoff said... 9:20 pm

Thank you for the link and it was great to meet a different crowd of bloggers than my normal techie types. Maybe I will get a full time job as Ellee's minder and photographer :-)  

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