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Expensive beasts to deal with, by the look of things. The Telegraph reports that it will cost £250 to remove a pigeon nest atop the Scottish Parliament in Auld Reekie, while our beloved Mayor of London's campaign against them in Trafalgar Square has cost £225,000 to date, or £90 per London Council Tax payer for every one of the blighters removed.

Must say I'm not enormously keen on pigeons, especially after one of them left its calling card on my suit some years back. A friend with foodie tendencies swears blind that London pigeons taste of cheese & onion crisps, owing to that being a major part of the average urban pigeon's diet. A 'farm' pigeon is a rather different proposition, and well worth eating.

Further thoughts on the Scottish dimension from David of Freedom and Whiskyhere. (a fine combination - C)

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Anonymous David Farrer said... 1:31 pm

The £250 fee is controversial up here. (Scroll down if necessary)  

Blogger istanbultory said... 2:52 pm

I was once crapped on by pigeons while strolling through Whitehall. Or at least, I thought it was pigeon excrement unless Prezza was somehow...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:47 pm

David - good grief.... I'm putting your link into my post.

GC - yup, filthy things, but killing them off shouldn't be that expensive. There's folk 'wisdom' that getting dunged on is good luck. For dry cleaners, perhaps.  

Anonymous vikki said... 9:10 pm

croydonian said "GC - yup, filthy things, but killing them off shouldn't be that expensive. "

Ye have heard it said.......thou shalt not kill. Get thee down to Canterbury for penance....or would Rome be more convenient....?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:01 am

Vikki - I don't believe pigeons are included in that particular commandment. Anyway, I'm an agnostic, if culturally 'Anglican'.  

Blogger HM Stanley said... 2:53 am

Re: taste of pigeons, I heard this story about Tongan pigd that taste like fish..apparently because they have learned to swim, scavenge in the sea. I live in New York and there is this bald eagle (?) called Pale Male and his wife Lulu (?) in a chick Central Park West building which tenants wanted to move but were prevented from moving due to public indignation, marches, ets. Guess Scots could have done same.  

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