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Will Hutton

This week's Spectator notes that Will 'Yawn' Hutton is going to be addressing the Tory conference next week. I'm not best pleased, and hope that it is only a fringe meeting. Who's next? George Galloway? The Work Foundation, his baby (formerly the Industrial Society...) is drowning in words like 'Ideopolis' and 'paradigm'. I feel quite nauseous.

Anyway, I can comfort myself with the notion that every second hand bookshop I've visited in the last few years has stacks and stacks of untouched, or barely touched copies of 'The State We're In'. Meanwhile, an ebay completed items search shows that the last 9 copies of it put up for acution failed to sell, even the one listed for forty pence.


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Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:25 pm

I bought a copy of the State we are in, but lost the will to live after three chapters.  

Anonymous vikki said... 5:14 pm

"I feel quite nauseous."

Perhaps you should give Dr Hitchens a call.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 6:37 pm

Aye, "The State we are in" is the literary equivalent of Prozac.
As for the conservative Party conference, how about a chick lit writer or an ex-coronation Street actor turning up. Apparently, Sarko might visit...via a video link.

Verity, I fear for Dr. Hitchens. He has posted absolutely nothing at any of his usual haunts thus far today.  

Anonymous vikki said... 8:35 pm

gc, your great learning is to blame for mistaking vikki for verity!

In addition to not sporting a beard....you dont by any chance conduct your lectures in Arabic...? I dont learn do I? I really ought to blog like dizzy....thinking before I blog not the other way round according to croydonian.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 8:59 pm

Not Vikki nor Verity but "Verily" was the word I was aimming for.  

Anonymous vikki said... 9:26 pm

gc, I was only teasing....  

Anonymous vikki said... 9:41 pm

Iam really sorry if I offended you. I wont promise not to tease you again.....but not in this manner. Forgiven?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:59 pm

Glad to know I haven't missed anything, bar sleep, in not reading Hutton.

I trust Peter is well, likewise Verity - who has been uncharacteristically quiet.

Vikki - I'm sure GC hasn't taken umbrage. I does not strike me that that would be in character.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 8:01 am

Forgive, forgiven. I am fairly umbrage free as a rule. Although that chap Mission Impossible did push me to the brink...
That latest poll from YouGov (a not to be trusted orgnisation admittedly) reveals that Labour and Tories are both on 36%. We need to have an impressive conference...and Gordo at No 10 soon, very soon.  

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