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Hard Rocking MPs...

An amusing, if unsourced, survey of sorts on the BBC site , wherein sundry MPs nominate their favourite albums. Quite a few Led Zeppelin fans and I'm not even remotely surprised that Tessa Jowell like the Beatles. Showing his usual insight, Mark Oaten (please - if only for your wife's sake will you just SHUT UP) reckons of the Human League's 'Dare' 'Every track is a killer, not a filler'. Uh-huh.

This sort of thing is almost as toe-curlingly awful as the Desert Island discs politicians get their spin doctors to choose for them. Ian McCulloch of Echo & the Bunnymen once explained that they didn't do political songs as if he had anything insightful or new to say on such things he'd be a politician, and perhaps our MPs could draw a similar conclusion about their thoughts on music.

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Blogger phone cam foolery said... 1:42 pm

Mark oatens top 10

1, I will survive.. Gloria Gyanor

2, Its raining men ..The weather girls

3, fast love -George Michael

4, Im coming out ..diana ross

5,I want to break free .. queen

6, dancing queen .ABBA

7,somebody elses guy ..jocelyn brown

8,dont you want me..human league

9,I am what I am .shirley bassey

10, crucified..army of lovers  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:50 pm

Just this once, I'll lower the tone still further:

Robert Plant's 'Big Log'.

And Edwyn 'Orange Juice' Collins has recorded something called 'The Coffee Table Song'. Yes, really.  

Anonymous ajh said... 4:36 pm

Interesting taste in music there Croydonian.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 10:49 pm


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