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Would anyone describe a British politician as 'awesome'?

A while back I blogged on Pew's research among US voters on the one word they would choose to describe the Presidential and VP candidates of the two main parties.

Anyway, they've done it again, so here is Obama the candidate -

And Obama the President -

Pretty going for the Leader of the Free World, although I do have to wonder quite how many dope addled surfers they had to poll to get 'awesome'.

I do wish Pew or whoever would so something similar with our pols, although I suspect 'expletive deleted' would be a popular choice....

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Blogger Old BE said... 3:36 pm

John Prescott is "awesome". Some of the activities that the corrupt cabal get up to are "awesome" as well. The word doesn't have such a positive meaning to me as it does to watchers of "Dude Where's My Car"...  

Blogger Julian said... 9:27 am

Well there are some words there that pertain to Brown:

committed (mentally)

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