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Potato food shows, armed hooligans and 'a despicable guy'. Yup, 'tis the DPRK update.

Further DPRK-shenanigans, including the zoo - again, the doings of the Lee Myung Bak group, the ever appetising descriptions of food and so on and so forth:

Things are pretty bleeding edge, tech-wise at the zoo:

"The aquarium was also built in accordance with the ecological features of rare fishes, equipped with the advanced facilities including filter".

I wonder if they were given filter tips....

They love their spuds:

"The Changgwang Public Service Management Bureau held a potato food show where over 200 kinds of potato dishes including boiled rice made with potato and five grains, potato dish seasoned with soysauce and rice hash mixed with potato and vegetables were presented to delight the visitors".

Wot, no chips?

"And the Ministry of Commerce sponsors national food show and contest and the like with city, county and ri as a unit to discover local original dishes without exception and strives in every way to standardize and put the cooking method of the national food on a scientific basis".

And I thought our homegrown food writers etc were a plague on a par with leprosy.

Meanwhile, the DPRK's scribes have been using their tape measures:

"The warmongers of the south Korean puppet army are getting evermore frantic in the war exercises targeted against the DPRK these days, according to a military source.
They deployed units of tanks, 227mm multiple rocket launchers and 105mm artillery pieces in the area of Phaju City near the demilitarized zone in the wake of hurling hundreds of fully armed troops into the area of Ryonchon County on Dec. 10, thus fanning up war atmosphere.

It gets better:

"After occupying their combat positions in Phaju City and the area of Cholwon County of south Korean Kangwon Province on Dec. 10 and 11 many armed hooligans of the puppet army staged madcap exercises under the simulated conditions of an offensive operation against the DPRK, frantically firing more than 26,000 large-caliber machine gun and automatic rifle bullets".

Not that it will do the ROK any good, by the look of things:

"Lee's zealous involvement in the criminal moves of the Japanese reactionaries to harm and stifle Koreans bespeaks that he has become a despicable guy who is so hell-bent on acts of treachery that he is utterly indifferent to compatriots and the destiny of the nation...His plight is so wretched that he is unable to prolong his remaining days without clinging to the coattail of such political pigmy as Japan. Therefore, his treacherous remarks are nothing but a dirge heralding his ruin".

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:34 pm

A hilarious and excellent post, MrC.

I did, however, once visit a DPRK zoo and there was only a single dog there.

It was a shih tzu.

*gets coat and exits*  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:05 pm


Should have seen that coming and didn't.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:07 am

Geoff can come back  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:13 am

Absolutely - Geoff continues to be very welcome here.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:14 am

they have wildly overstated the significance of bands of armed hooligans: such are to be seen around West Croydon Station any evening of the week

you critcise their offensive madcap exercises or their dirge at your peril

but people have been singing "all coppers are b*****ds" since time immemorial, it doesn't seem to have any direct political import that I've noticed  

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