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DPRK-isms o' the day

From the usual place:

"Japan and the south Korean puppets seek to gain something through the hasty start of a reckless war against the DPRK, vociferating about "close military alliance" with the U.S. and "the establishment of a cooperation system." This is, however, as foolish an act as jumping into fire with faggot on their backs". Source

Although not as foolish as having faggots strapped to one's front, presuming one jumps forward.

"The ulterior aim sought by the U.S. in its moves to convert Guam into a military fortress in the Pacific by the year 2014 is to reinforce the island as a giant military strategic stronghold and massively hurl aggressor armed forces there when necessary and thus ensure an unchallenged military edge of the U.S. forces in the Asian region". Source

I expect Uncle Sam's boys will arrive by 'plane. A pal of mine served with the USAF Firefighters on Guam, and it would seem to be a delightful posting. More sought after than Thule or Minot, ND, certainly.

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Blogger Nick Drew said... 3:39 pm

vociferating - why do my thoughts turn to the (sadly silent) Newmania pages ?

BTW, struck by your new visitor's comments on civilised blogging I am studiously forswearing all comments about having a faggot on ones back (why do my thoughts now turn to the Hitch ?)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:09 pm

I would be lying if I said the dual meaning had not crossed my mind too....  

Blogger Damon Lord said... 2:57 am

I currently have a mental image in my head of a North Korean jumping forward, laden with the contents of boxes of Mr Brains' faggots; gravy and peas everywhere.  

Blogger Bruce Fleming said... 9:36 am

I have brought the Kim Jong Il calendar to the attention of the Spectator's internet and technology correspondent, who is greatly enthused by it and may discuss it in a future column, with proper accreditation to yourself of course.

During the cultural revolution, Pravda used to replicate the leader column from the Chinese People's Daily, without discussion, on the grounds that it spoke for itself, which of course it did.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:28 am

Tiresias - Thank you for that. I do enjoy his wiki man column. Interesting tale about Pravda too.  

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