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Give a dog a bad name

Or perhaps an unsuitable one. The EU has released the eagerly awaited updated list of air carriers banned from Fortress Europa, and in short form, do not hope to fly to "Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Swaziland or the Democratic Republic of Congo [the bigger of the two Congos. C] (with the exception of one)" with a carrier under the regulatory jurisdiction of those countries.

Anyway, the names of some of the miscreants. (Usual caveat - I am NOT making these up):


Bravo Air Congo - Or then again, maybe not?

Cargo Bull Aviation - Do they have cattle class?

Free Airlines - Even if it is, I'm not flying.

Mango Airlines - (Haven't come up with anything for this yet...)

Safe Air Company - Yeah. Right.

Thom's Airways - Sounds like a powerhouse in aviation....

Equatorial Guinea

Cronos Airlines - I wonder if they have designs on Neptune....


Mandala Airlines - Will take you round and round in circles?

Kyrgyz Republic

Dames - Nothing like one, apparently. So as for the plural....

Golden Rule Airlines - Fly as you would be flown by?

Sierra Leone

Air Rum, Ltd - I expect the booze cart is a bit lacking in variety.

Destiny Air Services, Ltd - For that all important rendezvous....

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:06 pm

Funny comments, Croydonian!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:20 pm

Mango Airlines sounds a bit sexist to me. How do women go, by elephant?

Irrelevant but... many years ago before the place was developed beyond recognition, there used to be something called The Inshallah School of Flying in Sharjah. Now that is what I call confidence! Don't know if it still exists, but it used to be based on what what turned into the international airport.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:29 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:00 pm

Occasional Visitor - amusing.

I have an occasional visitor to the mango tree in my garden. There was a very noisy, strange bird whose call I didn't recognise as a regular, out in the tree shouting its brains out. I went out to have a look, and there was a very rowdy yellow, black and red parrott squawking at volume. It hasn't been back since, although apparently mango trees attract parrots. But I've never seen any parrott patrols cruising the neighbourhood skies keeping an eye out, so how do they know they're there?  

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