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The fine art of waterfowl alignment...

Or getting one's ducks in a row /before/ announcing that one is jumping ship.

Sajjad Karim has resigned the Lib Dem whip in Brussels and is now taking the Conservative whip over yonder, which the BBC rates as a less important story on the politics page than Branson's latest publicity stunt.

Now the details as to why he has done this are available elsewhere, and I do not really approve of jumping ship without standing for election, so instead I will focus on Karim's less than pruned website:

He's anti renewing Trident.

Thinks the Tories are homophobes: ""Their apathy in the face of rising homophobia should come as no surprise. The Conservative camp is today rife with contradiction. Cameron attempts to paint a glossy image of a gay-friendly party in the UK while desperately trying to get into bed at European level with Poland's homophobic 'Law and Justice' party."

Climate change; "Toughen up the EU emissions trading scheme by auctioning permits. The Conservatives cannot admit the EU is key to tackling climate change, while Labour is in the back pocket of the CBI".

More greenery: "The biggest threat to mankind deserves the biggest campaign that the Liberal Democrats have ever mounted, which I why I jumped at the chance to help Ming Campbell and Chris Huhne launch the "Green Tax Switch" at conference last month. The environment has long been the major area of policy where the Liberal Democrats have had a sustained lead in the polls over both Labour and the Conservatives. Despite the "greening" of David Cameron, that position has not changed. The public have seen through his stunts and the trust of the Liberal Democrats on green issues has only increased. The latest ICM issues poll in April put the Liberal Democrats higher than ever at 29%; with the Tories and Labour merely trading places in the green hierarchy".

And when you click on 'join the party', it takes you to one symbolised by a bird, not a tree...

However, hugely to his credit, he has put pressure on the commission over Gilad Shalit and others: "Over a year has passed since the abductions of three Israeli soldiers. Cpl. Gilad Shalit, now 22 years of age and Eldad Regev, 28 years of age, were allegedly captured in June 2006, and Ehud Goldwasser, 32 years of age, was captured in July 2006. Has the Commission made any attempts or assisted in any capacity in securing the release of these soldiers? How is the Commission using the European Union position as part of the Quartet to exert influence on Hamas and Hezbollah, as the groups who allegedly abducted the soldiers, to immediately and unconditionally release and ensure the safety of the Israeli soldiers above?"

Dizzy had some similar fun with Quentin Davies....

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Blogger Ed said... 10:15 am

I like the idea of a homophobic "camp"...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:24 am

And getting into bed with it too...  

Blogger Praguetory said... 8:25 am

Does he have evidence? I've found precious little that we are trying to broaden our European Reform coalition.  

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