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Idiot Watch

This from El Pais:

"Three men, between the ages of 19 and 25, were arrested Wednesday in Madrid after trying to perpetrate an unusual swindle. The three, all with white complexions, tried to use an identity card of a black man to finance the purchase of a 40-inch television valued at €1,300, the Civil Guard said".

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:19 pm

You've got to admit that morons add immeasurably to the gaiety of nations.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:25 pm

Absolutely. I am almost invariably in favour of anything to the gaiety of the nation.  

Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said... 4:45 pm

Reminds me of the true story some years back of an Irishman who tried to use somebody else's credit card.

The name on the card. PATEL !  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:56 pm

Meandering a touch, there have been some great pieces of identity fraud, apparently: cheques altered to read Finlandia Devenue, and the Irish version, Collectora Generali, the Italian au pair for whom her helpful employer set up an account....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:01 pm

10 to 1 they would have succeeded had they tried it in the UK...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:20 pm

Yes, indeed, Nomad.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:57 pm

They must have been English. We are the one nation in the Union no longer allowed a sense of nationial identity.LOL (if it wasn't so sad)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:23 am

Several years ago, a blonde female member of a group I was travelling with had her handbag rifled in a crowded train in Brussels by a gang of north African pickpockety youths all of whom were as black as the proverbial ace of spades. She realised the theft just a few moments after it happened and immediately telephoned her card company to cancel the card. However, she was too late as it had already been used to purchase £700 of hifi equipment. The card was a photocard - something the companies seem reluctant to provide these days for some reason - and it should have been obvious to the shopkeeper from the photo embedded into it that the card was a stolen one. The conclusion we came to was the he/she was in cahoots with this gang. All the security in the world is useless against this kind of collusion. Happily my colleague was fully reimbured by Visa, but it made for personal financial difficulties for her for the rest of the trip. Visa also undertook to look into discontinuing that shopkeeper's membership of the scheme to prevent any repetition.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:25 pm

Actually that Visa did a study to see whether they should cancel that shop's membership is not only the best revenge, but would serve as a useful reminder to others. All such retail establishments should be suspended by the card companies and we would see a swift diminution of fraud.

That the African men felt comfortable going into a shop and making a large purchase using the identification of a white woman tells us a lot about some shop assistants. They should prosecute them for fraud.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:28 am

A friend of mine used to work at the sharp end of retail, and regularly secured a £50 bounty for spotting dodgy credit cards etc, this being standard industry practice.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:56 pm

Well, given the level of retail credit card fraud, it certainly doesn't seem to be very successful.

Personally, I would promote the death penalty for credit card fraud because the stress robs the victims of months of their lives.  

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