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Where Zanzibar leads, London follows

Yes, really. Way back I blogged about a ban on plastic bags on that island. So far, not so awful, bar the six month prison sentence and / or $2000 fine for violating the law...

And now this: the usually fairly sensible London Councils organisation is seeking a 10 pence levy on plastic bags because so many end up in landfill. Despite the claim that "the proposal is not a revenue generating exercise", I fail to see how it can possibly cost 10 pence per bag to administer this scheme and then to incinerate or otherwise be rid of the things. Judging from the way so many women seem to hoard plastic bags, I fear that this would end up as a tax on blokes....

Factoid of the day is this footnote: "Forty five per cent of shoppers claim to have bought a reusable “Bag for Life” but only 12 per cent use them regularly". (Snigger).

The current vogue for hessian bags that allow the carrier to feel smug by sporting their 'principles' on their arms through modish slogans makes me wonder if there might be a market niche for bags with slogans taking a different approach....


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Blogger Tristan said... 3:35 pm

I did look at one of those "I'm not a plastic bag" bags and thought that I'd rather like a "I'm a plastic bag" bag. Possibly with "So bite me" or "What're you going to do about it" bag.

They're almost as annoying as those 'Little Brown Bag' bags (which are also an ugly colour)  

Blogger Neil Reddin said... 9:42 am

But in our house we usually reuse those plastic bags as bin liners. Otherwise we'd have to buy a new piece of plastic (roll of liners) just to throw it away. In fact, with a 10p tax that would probably be cheaper.

Anyway, this is green politics - who says it has to be logical?  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 1:53 am

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 1:54 am

"I drive an SUV"
"MMGW is a crock"
"CO2 is airborne plant food"
"There's Bollie in this bag!"
"Join the bandwagon! Whadaya mean' Which one?'"
"What are you looking at?"
"Asbo? Hooray!"
"Ban Dihydrogen monoxide!"
"Do me a favour!"
“Tax cuts for me, svp!”
“Boris for London”
“Global warming? Never ‘eard of it!”
“Global warming? Is that before or after the Africanised Bees?”
“Global warming? Is that before or after the Terrorist Threat?” (But maybe not for use on public transport...)
“Global warming? I’ll be doing my bit when I get back from me hol’s in the Antipodes.”
“Global warming? I do my bit: its Eurostar to Paris for the weekend, now.”
"Get a (private) education"

"I'm a Global Warming Muppet"
"I'm a snivelly lefty in need of guidance from a benevolent state."  

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