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Frequently Asked Questions Watch

A new regular spot, perhaps.

With many, many EU press releases there is an attached list of FAQs, and call me a raddled old cynic if you like, but I refuse to believe that the e-mail servers, mail rooms, phone lines, fax machines etc in Brussels have been overwhelmed by concerned Euro citizens craving an answer to this question:

"Does the USA require access to [passenger name record] data on the types of meal that passengers request or on their medical condition?".

I'll spare said e-mail servers by furnishing the response here:

"This information is collected by airlines in order to provide special services to certain passengers and may therefore be contained in some PNR. However, this is sensitive information (see previous question) and the information is not used to identify potential subjects for border examination."

Glad they cleared up that one....

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Anonymous Nomad said... 2:45 pm

Raddled?? Old?? Cynic?? What you who has not yet had enough years to even start getting his knees brown?? Get off!!

Nuff said..  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:52 pm

Blimey, that's me told.  

Anonymous verity said... 6:10 pm

Well, Nomad - o/t - but I see they're seething in Malaysia over the Morgan Freeman movie 'Evan Almighty'. Morgan Freeman plays God.

This, like everything else, is "against islam".  

Anonymous Nomad said... 2:02 am

Folks, folks - just teasing!!

Cynicism is like fine wine; it is to be savoured and enjoyed. Cynicism must be cultivated, nurtured and fine-tuned over a life-time of experiences and is thus deployed most effectively in one's dotage (rather than one's early 40's at which age most people still have lots to learn). Regrettably too many people confuse cynicism with sarcasm which is somewhat different. So, unless he has lived his life to date right on the edge, there can be no way to describe our host as raddled and old.

Verity: Not a peep in the local papers or tv about that film! The man at the local beeb re-broadcaster was a bit slow with his buttons this morning, allowing the headline about the US doubling the reward for OBL to slip through. It was cut half way through the item and the screen remained frozen for several seconds until the next item came up. The OBL bit has disappeard from all subsequent bulletins - so if he is hiding here nobody will know about the huge cash reward on offer (which will get right up the noses of the gambling-mad Chinese community!).  

Anonymous Nomad said... 2:19 am

PS: .. and in other news, the local Islamist Party announced a few days ago that anybody who smokes will not be permitted to represent them as a candidate in any forthcoming election. It is not known how this announcement went down with the extensive tobacco farming community here, nor whether this is to do with Islam, global warming or with smokers contributing to the annual haze problem.  

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