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Solutions looking for problems

Annette Brooke, Lib Dem for Poole and co-owner of 'Poole's premier Gem, Mineral and Fossil shop' (doubtless in the face of cut throat competition) is most exercised by degenerate gamblers in choky:

Annette Brooke (Mid-Dorset and North Poole) (LD): "What programmes he plans for those serving prison sentences to tackle gambling addiction?.....One of my constituents has now been in prison for six months without receiving any treatment. Given the increase in online gambling, the proposed new casinos and the fact that a proportion of compulsive gamblers are likely to commit crimes to feed their habit, should there not be a coherent plan in place before the problems become any greater?".

Unless I have not been paying attention, there are comparatively few roulette wheels, chemin de fer tables etc in the nation's big houses, especially those allowing payment by credit card and I imagine such problems as come about from unpaid debts from cell poker games are settled in a fairly robust fashion. I imagine she is just as pointlessly concerned with alcoholics in stir too. Might it not be reasonable to suggest that a lengthy bout of enforced cold turkey would be a fairly effective way of confronting any form of addiction? Similarly, one does have to wonder what La Brooke's constituency post bag is like if this is the burning issue for her after a week's Parliamentary recess.


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Blogger Newmania said... 11:45 am

You are not up to date C nowadays to commit a crime is to gain entre to a world of Monte Carloesque extravagance guilt plated luxury . After a thrilling night at the tables surrounded by adoring floozies the perp chooses whether to retire to his yacht or his cell. His cell being better appointed with Games and TV usually gets the nod.
The warders are chiefly employed to press their tuxedos and the bucket is strictly shaken not stirred in the morning  

Blogger Arthurian Legend said... 1:09 pm

"a lengthy bout of enforced cold turkey"

Aaah! Think of their human rights..!

Some good obervations, C. The problem for so many people living in constituencies with a Labour or Lib Dem MP is that the MP's political ideology is favourable to the type of policies which cause so many of the problems in the first place.

I even recall Denis Skinner saying recently that a good deal of his surgery case work is spent dealing with old Tory ladies complaining (justifiably) about the misdeeds of the local (Labour) council...

One grat thing about Thatch is that she saw it as both a duty and (I suspect) a pleasure to inform people about the misdeeds of state socialism; far more exhilarating than trying to catch the public mood by sledging with huskies  

Blogger Newmania said... 1:16 pm

Oh shame on you AL .Emily Thornberry "Green MP of the year" is doing such fine work with the Huskies. You`ve always had a thing for her admit it . Fat ex Trot greeny socilists with their kids at Grammar living in Barnsbury are YOUR EYE CANDY.

I might almost say , AL and Thornberry sitting in a tree.....  

Blogger Arthurian Legend said... 1:35 pm

N, you've put me in mind of Jeremy Clarkson's ridiculous observation on Top Gear the other evening that socialist women are better than Conservative women...He illustrated his startling observation by comparing, wait for it, Anne Widdecombe with Glenda Jackson!!

I mean, old rubber lips! Hardly what the House of Lords terms acte claire now, is it..?!  

Blogger The Hitch said... 2:05 pm

Glenda jackson is a fine example of why it is insane to get married.
She starts out as dirty looking minx and lo and behold a few years dwn the line you are saddled with some raddled old harridan.
Im with Rod Stewart on this one, find em fuck em and fling em.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 2:06 pm

Although the daft bugger does keep marrying them  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:09 pm

In the eye of the beholder, I think. She is 70 now, so harridanitude is not altogether surprising. Bron Waugh developed a rather odd obsession with her after seeing 'Women in Love'.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 2:21 pm

I am a little slow so may need help. How do end up in prison for a gambiling addiction? Is this against the law?

Debts generated via gambling are not legally enforceable...how could one fall into sucha situation?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:33 pm

CU - I think it is more a question of 'It's a fair cop but society is to blame. I would not have pulled that long firm fraud, robbed that bank, picked that pocket etc if hadn't been addicted to online poker...'  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:45 pm

One of my constituents has now been in prison for six months without receiving any treatment

Just what is the "treatment" for Gambling Addiction anyway ?

I'd have thought six months inside away from casinos and bookies is going to do the trick.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 3:04 pm

Dont get me wrong , the teenage Hitch did take himslef in hand having seen the "the music lovers" and admired glendas hirsute mimsy.
And wasnt she the one that Oliver (god bles him)reid claimed to have done the despicable act with for real?
Having seen the scene i bet he did you can see the look in her eyes as big Ollie slipped litle Ollie in  

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