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A startling admission from the Home Office

At present it is 'defenceless in the war against illegal immigrants'.

That is the conclusion I draw from Liam Byrne's (With that name, I wonder if his ancestors hailed from Sussex....) claim that without ID cards, the country will be defenceless. And seeing as we do not have ID cards at the moment....

I can't help thinking that if someone outside the government used the word 'war' in the context of illegal immigration all hell would break loose.
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Blogger Newmania said... 7:29 pm

Thats a good spot C. the war against ilegal immigration is in fcat the war against Home office incompetence.

I `d call it a light skirmish  

Blogger The Hitch said... 8:02 pm

the only war is against us elgal residents, tagus , tax and own us , the ilegals are just ameans to an end.
this is all about breaking up communities and families then enslaving us all,  

Anonymous verity said... 8:22 pm

I agree with The Hitch. That is exactly what is planned.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:54 pm

It is advisable to keep one's cynical hat firmly on one's head when considering these knaves.  

Anonymous David Allen said... 9:12 pm

There is a general lack of political will to deal with this. And when we DO get a succession of Home Secretaries who discover what a nightmare is being created _ Uncle Gordon vetoes the cash they need to deal with it. (money for prisons, border police, a proper coastguard service, the police and immigration officials to handle removals etc.)  

Anonymous verity said... 9:52 pm

I think Gordon Brown is mad. I mean that sincerely. He is self-obsessed, obsessively secretive and bonkers.

I also think he has other psychological problems.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:51 pm

What then is the new system passport than a prototype ID Card?  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:59 am

it is a failure mutley, the RFID chip breaks after a year or two.

Not that you could ever break the codes one of these chips anyway, they cost at least 75p each to buy and are the same as the ones used on clothes in M&S (ie the tages removed before you leave the shop).  

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