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Peter Hain's priorities

What would you suppose that the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Wales considers to be the key planks of his bid for the deputy leadership for the local elections? Council tax maybe? Law and order? Education? Regional assembly powers?

Nope, it is animal welfare. In an item with his name appended to it appearing on 24dash.com, and appearing in one of the Welsh dailies, he rants at length about the ban on fox hunting, and the piece includes these gems:

"It will prove that only with Labour can we ensure that animal welfare is put at the heart of government's objectives".

"And now it is down to all members of the animal welfare community to come together to not only defend the Hunting Act in the face of a Tory party that would completely reverse it, but to highlight that it is Labour who will turn progressive belief into progressive policy. It is this message that must be at the heart of our campaign to win the local elections".

I'm no more keen on cruelty to animals than the next man, but outside of animal rights nuts, how many people really consider that this is the number one issue that stands between the electorate going to the polling station or slumping slack-jawed in front of their televisions?
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:06 am

Hain has clearly never heard of CAWG.

CAWG campaigns, with success, to put animal welfare at the heart of the Conservative Party. They are really decent people (not at all nutty!). I'd recommend you check them out!  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 12:06 pm

perhaps the animals he is thinking of are the ones who sit behind him in his place of work...  

Blogger Serf said... 12:26 pm


Its the left's favourite lie. Conservatives are heartless.  

Anonymous hg said... 2:06 pm

Stopping hunters is an enormous problem. I am struggling to prevent the annual slaughter of migrating birds, a 'sport' that is really an assertion by men dressed up in military-style clothes, with guns, that they can invade the countryside in jeeps, with dogs, at first light and try to kill everything that flies (or flees). In a month I shall have the nulla osta to fence at least some of the hectares they claim hunting rights over and, at the cost of tens of thousands of euros, another piece of terrain will be taken from them.

Quite often they shoot each other, which is good.

But none of this is a party political matter, and it is monstrous of Hain to pretend it is. Eleven years ago a highly bred Balinese silver asiatic cat was given to my care, removed from its previous owner by the courts for cruelty, remarkable in appearance, but marked out even more by an intelligence and courage that amazed us all. He was saved under perfectly competent and efficient laws and regulations that were nothing to do with the political party (Conservative) in power at the time.

Hain is a dishonest opportunist for whom the treatment of non-human animals is nothing more than a vote -obtaining stance in local elections; in truth it is a moral consideration, and for us all and everywhere.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:30 pm

Agreed, Continental style hunting is of little credit to chasseurs. At least only game birds and nuisance birds are shot in these parts.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 3:26 pm

The hitch is all in favour of shooting anything edible in a sustainable manner.
Nor do I object to setting dogs on another animal , its nature.
Ratting is excellent fun , the dogs love it and it is an effective and humane way of dealing with vermin , same with hunting foxs with hounds.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:12 am

So are the CAWG going along with Cameron's plan to repeal the hunting act then? If not what are they doing to stop the party embarking on this disastrous and disgraceful plan????  

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