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Criminalising economic acts between consenting adults

Yes, that is what Hugo 'Hero of the Brain dead Left' Chavez is now intent on. The New York Times has the details:

"Faced with an accelerating inflation rate and shortages of basic foods like beef, chicken and milk, President Hugo Chávez has threatened to jail grocery store owners and nationalize their businesses if they violate the country’s expanding price controls"...."José Vielma Mora, the chief of Seniat, the government’s tax agency, oversaw a raid this month on a warehouse here where officials seized about 165 tons of sugar. Mr. Vielma said the raid exposed hoarding by vendors who were unwilling to sell the sugar at official prices. He and other officials in Mr. Chávez’s government have repeatedly blamed the shortages on producers, intermediaries and grocers".

And why might they not be willing to sell? Inflation is running at at least 18%, far higher than official figures, and unsurprisingly supply / demand and profit / loss issues have come into play. Venezuela is a major grower of sugar cane, and that there is shortage of sugar and everyone bar Chavez is being blamed really tells you everything.

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Anonymous eso tio/ this guy said... 5:13 pm

Dint he try that before?  

Blogger Paul said... 8:28 pm

I predict a famine ....  

Blogger morrocanroll said... 3:49 am

don't worry, I just Livingstone will be able to explain the problem away. probably something to do with America..  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:34 am

Paul, Morrocan Roll - Oh aye.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 6:01 pm

ah socialism
sat on vast oil resources and the mongs live in poverty and vote for more of it , a bit lke britain really  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 11:08 pm

so...to become Zimbabwe or Nigeria? A lot to look forward to over there I think.  

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