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An epic undertaking

Following on from CityUnslicker's question about the number of lawyers in the Commons, I have set myself the task of going through the biographies of every last MP trying to discover what they did for a living before entering the Palace of Varieties.

Of the first 50 - Abbott to Blears, there are nine lawyers, eight teachers / academics, four wonks, seven 'media' and a barman - Gerry Adams.

If anyone is willing to take on a tranche of names, the whole process can be wrapped up far more quickly, and full credit, naturally, will be given.

On the other hand, if readers would find eating their own fingers more entertaining, I will curtail the exercise at this stage.
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Blogger The Hitch said... 4:59 pm

Gerry Adams , at one time the only unemployed "barman" in the whole of Ireland.
I have had the pleasure of meeting somebody who once kicked him up the arse whilst searching his house.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:25 pm

I don't consider Hazel Blears a "proppa" lawyer.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:30 pm

Tom - fair enough, but I'm aiming to keep categories fairly loose so that the figures will not be too scattered at project's end....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:31 pm

PH - Can't say I'm too cut up about that.  

Blogger dearieme said... 6:10 pm

And do you believe the fuckers?  

Blogger Blamerbell said... 9:28 pm

Great idea.

I'll do it for the Welsh Assembly. Not as big a task but then I will have to add a column for all the sheep farmers.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:27 pm

I can't see how I cannot but offer services. Email through a tranche C, who know, maybe I will be snowed in with little to do tomrrow?  

Blogger Praguetory said... 7:02 am

I think you are probably close to the point where extrapolating is fair.  

Blogger Fahrenheit said... 12:12 am

"Of the first 50 - Abbott to Blears, there are nine lawyers, eight teachers / academics, four wonks, seven 'media' and a barman"

9+8+4+7+1 = 29 - does that mean 21 (42%) were non-specific layabouts?

( ;-P)  

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