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Big trouble for leftie Australian wonks

The Sydney Morning Herald has an interesting one on an Oz childrens clothing retailer suing the Australia Institute, a left wing think tank over a less than wise choice of words in a release: "Corporate paedophilia - sexualising children by advertising and marketing". As the avenue of suing for corporate defamation is no longer open to the retailer, it is instead "suing under the Trade Practices Act, claiming the institute engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct".

The wonks went on to allege that the retailer '"jumped on the bandwagon" in eroticising children in the interests of the bottom line. It said: "When family department stores show no conscience on these issues, or are inured to the effects of their behaviour, the situation is very unhealthy".

Lest it be thought that the retailer concerned is unduly litigious, it should be noted that the AI refused its request to put a corrective release and to stop infringing the company's intellectual property. The initial press release got a lot of attention at the time, and I have immense sympathy for the company concerned. Imagine what unchallenged words like that could do to the reputation of Mothercare, for instance. The AI itself has gone little further than saying it will defend itself, but it has a defender in one Brian Walters: "Corporations are able to defend themselves in the court of public opinion. For the institute it will be hugely expensive to defend itself in the Federal Court and it will involve massive costs in time".

That argument strikes me as ridiculous, and while quite an enthusiast for free speech, I do not see that should mean that axe grinders can declare 'Megabank drowns kittens' or 'Megaoil bribes politicians' etc without fear of lawsuits.

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Blogger The Hitch said... 11:59 pm

What does Kylie minoguge have to say about this?
This middle aged Antipodean minx has a lot to answer for.
On a serious note many Aussies are peados , could be the heat or the fact that they all wear tight speedos.
Like the Germans its best to Never trust them.  

Blogger Newmania said... 9:30 am

Corporate paedophilia
It does have a ring to it. I am unimpressed with claims that children are being sexulaised . i think they are dressing like theie role models the way they always have.In any case children are sexual and do not inhabit a pure world of their own. I am thinking of the nascent self awareness of Cider with Rosie. Not paedophilia

We are to paramnpid about the whole thing it has got to the point where youi cannot even talk to a child, as a man. Ridiculous  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:58 am

PH - I have yet to hear from La Minogue. The noted political thinker Kenneth Minogue used to be plagued by phone calls by people who had found 'Minogue, K' in the London phone book. Yes, really.

N - Yes, we live in dangerous times.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:00 am

Hitch, you are right, children's retailers are only hoping to catch Kylie's custom. She can't find clothes in the women's range to fit.

I have to admit to legging it from one shop gagging...it was like Ann Summers for 6 year olds; tiny mini skirts, lycra boob tubes, and three inch heels... it was the Woolworths kids section.

So very much mental illness arises from being sexually abused. It has to be the biggest cause.  

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