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A whistlestop European tour

Firstly Gibraltar. Gibraltar wants to join UEFA, and although doubtless well aware that it is unlikely to be become a football powerhouse, has the template of micro states like Andorra and non soverieign states like Wales and the Faroes to point to. However, "Mr Nuñez [head of the Gib FA] said he felt abandoned by the English football authorities, which had offered no support to Gibraltar's bid to join Uefa and that, instead, the territory had faced ridicule for wanting to play with the 'big boys'".

I wish I could say I was surprised at the way Gibraltar and our other overseas territories are treated, but I cannot, I'm merely disgusted. Again. Those with strong stomachs might wish to read Blair's message to the Falkland Islands.

Meanwhile, following on from Swedish angst, now we have a spot of Norwegian angst (Might there soon be something rotten in the state of Denmark?). Some key findings: 59% of public sector workers worry about overwork compared to 49% of private sector workers. Possibly because the former fear it might happen and the latter are inured to it? Young and old worry about climate change. Erm, if I was somewhere near Nordkapp, I'd welcome it. And where the young get the night terrors about car crashes, for oldsters electricity prices are the spectre at the feast.

More later.

And so there is, and what better than a pointless survey on shopping habits care of Tesco Diets:"Nearly 40% of women have bought clothes they knew were too small but promised themselves they would slim into them - with 70% admitting that the items are still hanging in the wardrobe unworn.... The survey also reveals that an overwhelming 82% of us would be happier if we were thinner and that nearly a quarter of us (22%) make a promise to "start my diet tomorrow" almost every day". There are some serious neuroses at work there, but there is some comparatively good news too: "The survey also reveals that whilst nearly all of the women questioned (98%) said it would bother them if they put on half a stone, the vast majority (70%) said they wouldn't care one bit if their partner gained half a stone". Adjusting my cynical hat, it might be because chaps do not want to be faced with the perennial Morton's Fork answer to 'does my bum look big in this?', or alternatively are hoping for carte blanche to keep working on the beer gut and to shun the gym.
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Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 11:44 am

I'd love to hear some of grandpaw hitchens wartime adventures in the country.Sounds like a good time was had by all  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:34 pm

"Tony Blair has praised the people of the Falkland Islands for their efforts in tackling climate change"

They will have to slaughter all those flatulent sheep if they are serious abt this.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:43 pm

C why do you so object to the Blair speech ?

"Based on the fundamental principle of self-determination, we are steadfast in our commitment to uphold your security and the UK's sovereignty over the Falkland Islands."

Is this a bad thing ?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:40 pm

Well Mr mortice

one involved him being taters deep in some Norwegian lass and getting caught in the act by her brother, whose response to my grandfathers horror struck face was to laugh and shout
"carry on the fucking Bill, carry on the fucking"
Typical Scandinavian attitude to sex which fitted in very nicely which grandpa "Hitchens" attitude. he also managed to screw a Couple of americans (female),enjoy the seafood and nearly drown on the way home.
Boats and grandpa hitchens didn't mix, he was once stranded in the bay of biscay for 24 hours after they lost engine power and were abandoned by the convoy.
12 years in the army 12 years in the police, he had some great stories and was a magnificent man.
Died 3 years ago this 28th Nov., I still think of him everyday.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:57 pm

"taters deep" love that..

My Uncle Tony went down on the Castleton but survived and a cousin of the Ns was one of the crew who reboarded and re took the San Dimitri of which a film was made .My uncle Eric was a pilot but a Naval pilot.
Few tales returned and all were damaged .(Another Uncle Beranrd was on a mine-sweeper)

Tony went to live on a farm somewhere and Eric crashed his sports car killing himself and his wife.

The only stories are of the activities of my Aunty Joan(90 ish ) fending of loneliness for American soldiers .Its all faded away now but was once a scandal.

Hmmmm ... dull dull dull. Ermmm I `ll leave the stories to PHITCH I think.The thing is I`m a bit proud of all this and cannot resist.


Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:03 pm

The best story is this.......

My grandfathers brother had been reported missing presumed killed , one day outside of monte casino grandad "Hitchens" is sat by the side of the road enjoying a cup of tea , and guess who cane rolling up in a jeep?
Uncle jack , his brother (:
what were the chances of that?
anyway they both survived but didnt see each other again for two years.I dont think uncle jack did as much shagging and looting as grandad hitchens who was a far wilder character.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 5:16 pm


I love those small world stories.the one about the norwegian bird was class.

my own grandad was a bit of a boy.he uised to live in one of the colonies and laughed his head off about the toffee nosed brits-he was a working classs yorkshireman who was very clever with building things-he told me how they'd all keep expensive mistresses in town and he'd just pop around and ride their wives while they were out. class.died two years ago and I miss him dearly al;though he was acantankerous old git he was funny with it.

apparently,he told me I have an uncle who's an aristo of somewhere or other oop north.probably an arrogant git who thinks his lineage goes back to william the conqueror----au contraire!!!!macclesfield more like  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:33 pm

Mr Hitchens did his A levels there, I used to live in a place called Disley,thats a bit higher up in the hills, some of my family still do, lovely part of the country  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:45 pm

as to your grandfather being a cantankerous git, that is a privilege of age (+:
mine was also going deaf so all the very very un PC things cantankerous old gits say were broadcast at max volume to everybody in which ever pub/restaurant you took him to.

He also had a series of strokes which made him become even less socially aware, on his 80th birthday I took him, my mother, girlfriend and aunt to a very nice "gastropub" which had been voted England's best pub on a couple of occasions, he opened the menu and said.
"this is a bit pretentious isn't it?"
then set about loudly slagging off just about every other diner, he capped it off when my mother gave him his present (£100 of m&s vouchers) by stating
at the top of his voice
" I fucking hate marks and spencers, no wonder they are losing money"
He didn't swear in front of women or in public before his stroke.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 11:20 pm

that reminds me of my grandad in a posh chinese restaurant reminiscing loudly about a knocking shop in hong kong and i quote
'it wo 2 bob and tha could go all neet if tha wanted.'
always a value player.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:22 am

I was the one who added the petition about the Gibraltar UEFA application to the Number10 website.

Greetings from here on The Rock.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:46 am

Geoff - good luck with that. Some of us up here know who the good guys are.  

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