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*Possibly* some very good news from Pakistan

Seems like South Asia is about the only place anything noteworthy is happening at the moment.

Anyway, The Hindustan Times reports, "Pakistan may amend its controversial blasphemy law, that provides for death penalty for non-Muslims convicted of insulting Islam and the Prophet and has frequently been misused over the last two decades. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz could make an announcement on Christmas eve". Fingers crossed, as this would be very welcome for the five million or so non-Muslims in Pakistan. And Mushy, while you are it, make sure the changes to the unforgivably vile laws on rape are made real.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:48 pm

Speaking of coarse, unspeakably cruel and vile islamic laws, last week, Saudi Arabia generously let an Indian guest worker off the death penalty for entering a forbidden area of mecca. (As though any normal person would go into mecca -hopefully, the home of the next nuclear explosion - of their own free will.)

The Indian worker's wife had just given birth and he was in a taxi to get to the hospital to see her and his new baby. The TAXI DRIVER, not the Indian passenger, took a wrong turning and ventured into an area forbidden to non-islamic nut jobs.

A volunteer from the religious police called the authorities and the Indian was arrested and sentenced to death.

Somehow, perhaps it was his lawyer, he got a pardon on the day before he was to be executed. The generosity just fills the heart with joy, does it not?

These people must be defeated. And that means all of them.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:53 pm

Linking these things up a bit, a piece in The Spectator the other week argued that the Saudis are ready to fight Iran in a carve up of Iraq (not that I fancy their chances), and that a quid pro quo for funding the Pakistan nuclear programme is that the Saudis could have the use of them when deemed necessary. Things could get very messy....  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 5:04 pm

things already are!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:07 pm

Good point well made.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:40 pm

All of this should have been nipped in the bud years ago. We absolutely have to bomb mecca before these people get their hands on any nuclear devices because they will not hesitate to use them in the name of their allah. The name of the game is, conversion to islam by persuasion if possible, deceit (taqqya and kitman) or the point of the sword if it comes to that.

This will not change. These people are primitive and gory and unspeakably cruel. They can kill their own daughters for "honour crimes", sometimes with the mother assisting. Treating them as normal people who are open to reason will never work with islamics.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:17 pm

To Verity

Merry christmas From Mr Hitchens, may your ability to hand out an exquisite handbagging to miscreants world-wide never diminish.


Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:20 pm

PHitch - Thank you and, as they say over here, "Egual."  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:24 pm

"These people must be defeated. And that means all of them"

No picking and choosing, eh? no scope for seeking out the moderate Muslim. 'sounds a bit like Adolf's approach to me. Cattle trains.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:17 am

The Devil's Rectum - You are woefully, and dangerously, ignorant about Islam.

I wrote: "These people must be defeated. And that means all of them" And you wrote "No picking and choosing, eh?"

No. As you have cleverly spotted, that is exactly why I employed the word "all"!

"No scope for seeking out the moderate Muslims? ..." comes your plaintive wail, echoing off the walls of your ignorance.

Genuinely "moderate muslims" are rare indeed because they have been indoctrinated since birth. You may think they're "moderate", but wait until the gloves are off.

This is not a religion. It is a fascist template.

Consider: Prayers five times a day. Think about this carefully. Waking hours are around 16 hours a day for most of us.

That means that during 16 of their waking hours, they are preparing to go to "prayer", actually going through the "prayer" gig with the salaaming bit, going back to work, back home, whatever, from this "prayer" in order to prepare for ... err .. going to prayer. In other words, the individual's consciousness is filled by his obligation to "pray".

That's why they have never invented diddly. (No, the concept of zero and what we think of as "arabic numerals" came from India and passed through the Middle East in transit to peoples that would know how to use them.

Busy praying, or preparing to pray or going back to work from praying. Not a lot of time for original thought.

Defining sects, we call this "mind control".

This is how they control them to the point of getting them pumped worldwide up to protest second-rate cartoons in an obscure Danish paper, and die. (Although I am not saying this is a bad idea.)

And they are dying for Danish butter! Mmmmm ... me too.

Come back when you've read their "holy" book and the hadiths, and then I will entertain your arguments. Inform yourself rather than whining Gramscian platitudes.

Until then, Devil's Rectum, up yours.  

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