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A little something to take your blood to 100C/212F

The mendacity, the deceit: "Prime Minister Tony Blair said he hopes to achieve "consensus" on House of Lords reform and does not want to "railroad" changes through Parliament". And then later on, "People should remember that this is a Government manifesto commitment."(Source).

Labour's 2005 manifesto called for 'a modern and effective revising chamber'. I think the word order is an enormous tell.

(And I googled the question of the boiling point of blood - 'tis the same as water)
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Blogger Stan Bull said... 1:07 pm

Whever NuLabour uses language such as 'modern' and 'effective' what they really mean is 'compliant' and 'suppine'. While I favour a comprehensive reform of the way the HoLs is structured, I'd rather TB and his acolytes stayed well away from it. Of course, this is another last gasp in Emily's increasingly desperate efforts to construct a 'legacy' for himself.Now that foreign and defence issues have lost their appeal, he's reverting to form as the constitutional reformer- the leader who brought us devolution,etc and now the last stop is HoLs reform.  

Blogger Serf said... 11:59 am

I have a Law concerning use of the word modern by a politician:

Serf's Law of Modernity:
When a politician uses the word modern, it means his / her ideas have no merit. If they had merit, they would explain what it was rather than fobbing the voters off with a completely meaningless word.

Modern is used as a "good" word by politicians, but why?
Modern technology = Good
Modern Medicine = Good
Modern Lifestyles = who knows
Modern Crime = Horrendous
Modern terrorism = Extremely deadly
Modern Puritans (greens) = same as old ones

Depending on the circumstances, modern can mean anything from a complete breakdown in society to a nice mobile phone.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:22 pm

An interesting and useful insight, much appreciated.  

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