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Greg Barker

I had supposed that anyone who reads an English newspaper would know the Barker story, judging from the front page of the Telegraph. However, a bit of digging throws up an arguably more interesting story than a fairly hum drum tale of marital breakdown. It looks to be the case that only the Mail and the Telegraph have front paged this story, judging from the paper I have on my desk and the ever useful 'Today's front pages' section on the Sky News website.

Anyway, paper by paper:

The Guardian - a site search brings up nothing.
The Independent - Ditto.
FT - Ditto.
Daily Express - Ditto
Daily Mirror - Ditto
Daily Star - Ditto
The Times - appears in news in brief. A short factual report of 42 words.
Daily Mail - front page, with photo. link here
Daily Telegraph - Ditto Link here
The Sun - Fairly big story online, if not front page. Link here

Any corrections based on print copies gratefully received...

Given the historic political allegiances of the dailies, it is intriguing that the currently Tory papers are making the most of this, and News Group are being quite restrained. I would not have expected the papers of the bien pensant Left to run with this, for fear of accusations of hypocrisy, homophobia etc, but I'm surprised by the Daily Mirror. So, is this all about shock horror, or is it more to do with bashing Cameron?

Meanwhile, just to prove that I'm capable of being infantile and prurient, a google hit on Greg Barker might amuse: "Chris Senior and Greg Barker won two rubbers each for St Mary's". This was in the Pontefract Expres, and would seem to be a bridge report.
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Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 8:40 am

Of course it's cameron bashing.

what's wrong with that,the blokes a cunker and currently the mere thought of giving him my approbation on a ballot paper brings me out in a sweat.

this is the sort of thing the membership,myself included hate.

a lot of daily mail readers agree and if they did a poll of us it would be very interesting to see how strong support for cameron is.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:31 am

Not sure its a resigning issue anymore,but the first test of the all inclusive cuddly party. Its the duplicity that people don't like.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:30 am

So another Tory has been discovered to be a big mary _ yawn! It's just another 'human interest' story to appeal to prurient interest and make the rest of us count our blessings it's not us in the papers..... Don't be fooled by the lack of coverage in the leftwing press, tho _ you can bet the sleaze merchants are just biding their time whilst they do a little more digigng. They will be touting Barker's picture around their friendly rentboy contacts to see if he has ever availed himself of their services, they'll be suborning the interior designer lover with cash and sympathy _ is he HIV+? has he ever been on the game? has he ever slept with anyone famous? They'd far rather wait a few days and run with 'Cameron chum dumps wife, kids for AIDS-raddled rentboy who slet with George Michael' a few days after the Mail than run with something so lame today.... I just hope Barker has been (otherwise) squeaky-clean!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:35 am

Much as I love and respect the gays there prevalence in the media and political world is a worrying part of a wider trend that excludes middling families from public life . As I struggle with my mortgage and responsibilities in Islington I often see happy groups of gay folk stepping out to their pleasurable social lives , and good luck to then . On the other hand one can become a little weary of the endless suggestion that they suffer discrimination amongst other horrors.
Not that I’ve noticed. They do tend to suffer from two large incomes no children and plenty of time on their hands

I do not, by the way , for one second , believe that this was in fact the first that the warty wife knew of the problem . Marriages of convenience are a common political phenomena, Gordon Browns is an obviously one and I personally know one perspective MP who got his wife out of a catalogue . I am far to kind to reveal the identity. Simon Hughes early in his career stood on the specific ground of being a straight alternative to Peter Tatchel . Bit of a fib really wasn’t it

This is one of many factors that paradoxically has meant that normal middle income family chaps have suffered badly over the last ten years and in London with Mortgages so high the marginal effect is painful. In short the unhappy paradox is that if you really want to get it right up the arse on all fronts your best strategy is to be straight . I wonder what they did in Gomorrah though . I `d like to try it .  

Blogger The Hitch said... 11:01 am

I have never been able to understand the whole gay thing , even less so bi sexuality.
I mean how do you make the move from a nice softskinned perfumed lingerie wearing woman to find yourself looking at some bloke and thinking "hmmm I wouldnt mind some of that up my jacksey or down the back of my throat".
"They" are also easy to spot so why women marry them is also a mystery.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:20 am

Peter Hitchens said :"They" are also easy to spot so why women marry them is also a mystery

See my comment above about political marriages of convenience.?

I know of one screaming queen who thinks I do not know.( he can be found on Conservative Home a fair bit). He uses phrases like

"ooo get her "
( A direct quote )

I can see them a mile off and ,I repeat ,have nothing against any of them . They do make me laugh though and should my son turn out to be one I will have him exposed on a moor. Allow me to bore you all with a short rhyme on this very subject wot I wrote .


Its amazing to think that for all of time
There must have been an unbroken line
Of fathers and sons , ending with me
It started in the Cretaceous sea
When a single celled whats-it first procreated
Leaving its girlfriend drowsy and sated
Then a fish that crawled up on land with its fins
That handsome one there , (yes that’s him)
All manner of lizards and birdlike things
With feathers and teeth and claws and wings
And furry animals furtively mating
While dinosaurs slowly forgot about dating
Bears and apes and cavemen to
Each one of my fathers knew just what to do
Neither famine nor pestilence, clashes of nations
Stood in the way of their copulations
And now I have managed to pass the baton
To you ,little Elliot , my only son
No pressure we’ll love you anyway
But think of your fathers
And don’t turn out gay !

I am relying on my high popularity with Croydonian to get away with this ? Salutations  

Blogger The Hitch said... 11:39 am

Every fathers nightmare, I haven't reproduced yet but all my friends who have worry about it, especially if their boy is "sensitive".
All dream of the day they find the right sort of porn mag hidden in his bedroom.
I could cope with a gay son but not a queeny one , then I would have to shoot him.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:41 am

People are what they are, and I would hope at some point that sexual orientation is regarded as being of about as much interest / relevance as that of being left or right handed is now. If folk engage in sham relationships out of denial or for 'career' reasons, it is just so desperately sad for all concerned.

Meanwhile, a most entertaining evening's drinking was had with David on Tuesday, and with Newmania yesterday. And for the more cynical of my readers, this is not a traffic building through bribery programme.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:51 am


Way back lost in the mists of time, a friend told me that he was going to start 'hiding' skin mags for his son to find when he approached the right age, as he felt that it was a father's duty to do such things. He never had the opportunity as the marriage broke up and the Witch Queen vanished taking S&H with her.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:23 pm

To Peter Hitchens:
1) Men can be soft-skinned and perfumed too, you know, and the right chap looks rather fine in a pair of white Calvins!
2) I do agree tho, that "they" are "easy to spot" and am amazed that women, who are generally so much more empathetic than men, cannot spot closet cases a mile off.
To Newmania:
1) re. the "Oooh! get her!" poster on CH _ I know to whom you refer and it will never have entered his head that you "don't know about him" _ especially since he has 'come out' so regularly on CH and elsewhere that others might wish he would 'go back in' occasionally!
2) BTW _ you shouldn't keep recycling that awful poem! Not only is it dreadful doggerel, but it's final couple of lines are actually quite wounding and not funny to a gay son _ or father of one _ at all.
3) Many of us sartorially-challenged gays (the ones who aren't plucked and depilated to within an inch of our lives) share your irritation at the shiny happy homos of Islington and elsewhere. And 'Yes' it is nice to only have to pay the mortgage on a flat rather than a family house etc. _ BUT there is a flipside to this: the caribbeanisation of British youth culture, with its detestation of the 'Batty Boy' means that the 'hard discrimination' of knife and fist is actually on a steep upward curve _ see the case of the bloke (nearly?) murdered as he was walking over Hungerford Bridge the other day... And as if problems with the aggression of black youths and their white wannabes weren't bad enough, we now have a newly-aggressive young muslim community plastering obscene homophobic stickers (professionally-printed) over the lamp-posts of my local High Street (surely not the only one?)
So, in conclusion, white, straight men _ and gays too _ are both taking it up the arse (and not in a nice way) thanks to multi-culturalism and all its consequences...  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 12:44 pm

newmania - even as a fellow parent with staggering mortgage etc, I can't agree with you on the jealousy of DINK(...Y) gay couples.

After all they don't/can't have kids and all the fun it brings, despite the financial pain.

Also in a free world, we did not have to have kids etc.

Finally however, I am fully convinced of the idea that gay is a state of mind not nature. All the greeks were gay as it was socially encouraged in their time. Only when the main religions came along from 0-800 AD did it become 'wrong.' Now in society we have moved quickly back to the position of acceptance and so there will be more gay people than there used to be.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 12:56 pm

inamicus notes on iain dale that barker voted against gay policies,would be nioce to know if it's true  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:58 pm

I have nothing but contempt for men like Barker. The sheer cynicism of marrying a woman, making her think you cherished her and adored everything about her, for political advancement turns my stomach. Even worse than what he's done to his wife, at least she's an adult and she may - although we don't know - have had her suspicions, but what has he done to his two children? Made them feel they aren't good enough so Daddy left home. Their classmates will be cruel to them.

Cameron has to sack this fellow. If he is so cavalier with his own flesh and blood, what will he do to the voters?

Anyway, Cameron's on his way out. Big failure.

Cityunslicker - the gay population has remained steady throughout history and over all societies. Around three percent.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:34 pm

David Allen and City Slicker

Men can be soft skinned and perfumed can they? Not in my experience but I `ll happily take your word for it .
Goodness you get about don’t you I didn’t mean to embarrass anyone. Well I` ve only just met the chap in question and the subject has not explicitly cropped up . I wonder if he might be little nervous that a Conservative like myself might retain some sort of vestigial Old Testament attitudes? I could show you some hilarious correspondence in which “them “are referred to by both of us. This will soon sort itself out and I `m afraid I don’t often pop into the Con home tea party and will therefore be out of touch.

Rhyme. .Well there you go ; I assume no one ever bothers with my old nonsense anyway. I disagree with you about “wounding “and prescribe that getting over yourself a little bit might be good plan.. It’s a two way thing , consideration part of it is being aware of others and part of it is not getting offended at the drop of a hat so as to shut down other people’s right to say whatever they like ( Like ya Mooslim). He who sulks the most does not make the rules in my book.. Sartorially challenged you may be but you will be relieved to know you are not exactly a mystery either .(I am not irritated by shiny happy gays , they add to my life somewhat overall )

On the rise of homophobia and the culture related to it I agree and if you can bear some limited recycling I had this in the local paper last week ( Islington gazette )
…….“The names of the gangs involved vividly evoke the mental landscape of the perpetrators - "Take Them Out" and "Till Death". ……
…..but part of the story is simply that it's fashionable! The idea of ending a life to be part of an in crowd may be deranged but the inescapable hip hop and rap culture that pumps out of MTV and iPods encourages precisely such insanity.
……………but the atmosphere of misogyny, homophobia and violence is all pervasive in youth culture. …………………………….

So I am on your side there

CITY unslicker – Yes that’s fair enough but there are valid points of friction when for example the state requires school books to show gay relationships on a par with normal ones which vastly exaggerate the place of what is a minority orientation . I couldn`t care less myself but I suspect many parents do .

Your ideas on the importance of the cultural milieu are simplistic but many gay people will go to the other ,equally unlikely, end of the spectrum and claim that genetic predetermination is the only factor . I doubt we will ever know how it all fits together and it is probably not worth thinking to hard about .

( By the way the Greek culture tolerated a phase of homosexuality connected with the military ideal . This is not uncommon in many cultures )

Summary : Prejudiced moi , maybe a bit but nothing at all serious, on the other hand I shan`t be cowed by claims of additional sensitivities which are far to frequently made by any number of groups considering themselves special . I have no doubt that a black man would be quick to take offence at the suggestion that he caused homophobia ? Oh so on it goes...yawn  

Blogger The Hitch said... 2:20 pm

OOOOO get that David Allen.
I couldnt care less who a person sleeps with . I do however despise liars , and liars who fuck up the lives of three children and their mother having entered into a fraudulent marriage just so that they can indulge in a spot of Athenian fun should in my opnion be stoned to death.
new mania did you know that S*** W ******* is gay?
Heres a clue he isnt a very loyal chap but until quite recently could have got you plenty of nectar points.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:38 pm

On further reflection ( ahem ) I would like to withdraw any remark I may have made that may give offence to anyone of any orientation whatsoever(.. and additionally any details that are in fact a load of bollocks ) The marvellous contribution people of all types make to the Conservative party cause deserves nothing but the highest praise.


Peter,- So far all I `ve got is Sally Webster from Coronation street? More reasearch ?
I think you have a point and he is of course very far from the only example . To be fair to gays the standards politicians of all sorts observe in their private lives are often beneath contempt . They seem to feel they are so important that the normal decent rules do not apply to them . I can think of many many many examples.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 2:43 pm

sean woodward is the chap.
As an aside his brother is a 6' 6" transexual,
talk about a cursed family.
Nor would I like to offend a homosexual by condemning them for what they get up to.
I just happen to think they are slightly mad.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 2:50 pm

in all fairness there are some absolute perverts who aren't in public life-I am one.

I too couldn't give a shit about whether people are gay or not but it's the way the blokes hid it that rankles.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:00 pm

(Gentle finger wagging about veering towards breaking The Rule).  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:04 pm

Yes,Rigger, it's the way the bloke hid it plus employed a woman and two children as a disguise. It sickens me. Can you imagine what those two poor little children are going to go through at school? Does he care? He would say, I'm sure, "Yes. I went through a lot of soul-searching before I came up with this solution that benefits me 100%. I won't be staying around to clear up the wreckage."  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 11:39 am

My ideas on the cultural milieu ( a fine phrase, newmania) are a little simplistic; but our drawn on some lengthy studies of social history and also anecdotal knowledge from my own life, including some years within public schools.

Verity - I'd be interested to learn more about the 3% that you quote.

You all seem as whole very one sided agains this chap. Maybe he did not know he was gay to start with? Why defend the wife when we have no evidence of her innocence in terms of behaviour?

Perhaps I just like to be contrarian too much.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:11 pm

Your story the other week about the Gay 'outing' of Greg Barker MP didn't mention his very odd Russian 'business' connections. Earlier this year I wrote an article about his Russian projects which have collapsed - his failure to put in annual returns to Companies House & the subsequent winding up of same company - how the firm he was in partnership with boasted of the corruption & mafia connections of the Moscow 'muscle' market (their words, not mine) - how they & Barker refused to answer questions - i.e. was he doing his own business at the same time he was visiting Russia at the taxpayers expense? Why was the company website changed after we started asking awkward questions, who were their partners, did they meet the fiduciary requirements etc etc
I tried to get mainstream national newspapers interested but nobody would touch it - Barker has VERY powerful friends who ensure this info stays out of the press - Cameron & exiled Russian 'businessmen' are just he tip of a very dirty ice-berg
Never mind if he is screwing his boyfriend behind his wife's back - the real story is him screwing the public & abusing his parliamentary position - this story still hasn't been told.
I'm now living in the USA but if you want a copy of the article it finally appeared in Barkers local area scandal rag 'The Hastings Trawler' . I don't think that edition is available on line yet -
If interested I suggest you contact the editor Stuart Christie at stuart.chrisie@btclick.co.uk or phone him on 0781-8416851 - You can mention my name
Good Luck - there is a good story here but powerful players want to shut it down
Ted Newcomen
Church Hill

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