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Brown's plans for the nation

It is remarkably hard to look at a news website, newspaper etc without being assaulted by endless coverage of what Broon fancies inflicting on the nation should he get his heart's desire and become Lord Protector PM. The plans are not really worth examining here, as I'm interested in personalities not policies this time around.

So, if there is not a cigarette paper's difference between Brown and Blair as the incarnation of 'new' Labour, and NL is all about the chimerical third way (what works, not ideology yadda yadda), why the sudden outbreak of new policy ideas from Brown?

I can see two possibilities:

1 - Brown brought up the ideas in Cabinet and they were shot down for being hopeless.

or 2 - Brown is a ferociously ambitious chancer whose interest in the good of the nation is wholly subordinate to his managing a successful grab and holding on to the brass ring of the leadership of the nation, and therfore he has kept these various plans and schemes to himself rather than allow us their supposed benefits accruing to Blair.

Die Tat ist alles, nichts der Ruhm. (Goethe) Or in English - The deed is everything, the glory naught.
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Blogger Disillusioned and Bored said... 5:02 pm

Seems to me like the policies of a party that is bankrupt of all new ideas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:57 pm


I'm interested in knowing more about changes to the Constitution. It seems Brown really wants to assert himself and others are unable to because Blair is still in power, so Brown in muscling in. Very clever, tactical stuff.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:58 pm

That was me by the way who posted the last comment, I was unable to on your launch post, btw.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:12 pm

Ellee - sorry about the technical problems...

Re the Constitution, I am not at all happy with the way Labour has fiddled around with it, and I think that the cleaning up the mess will take a long time.

Vis a vis the Lords, my preferred solution is a wholly elected upper chamber, but before embarking on that, the question has to be asked: is the upper chamber going to have serious power, or is it just to be a rubber stamp for the Commons? If the latter, do away with it and save the money.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:20 pm

One more example of the wanton destructiveness and arrogance of tony blair. Our second chamber worked very well as it had evolved over time. It wasn't elected and it wasn't appointed (as it is now),but it was peopled by individuals whose roots were deep in our soil and who had a disinterested reason to want to see Britain successful on the world stage and orderly at home.

The problem with electing it, of course, is we will just get another layer of chancers - people hungry for money and influence. If appointed, it will be the same time of individual as Levy, doing favours for politicians in power in the hopes of reward.

I would not be opposed to chucking all the lifers out -- they could keep their titles, who cares? -- and bringing back the hereditaries who share with the ordinary British an interest in the orderly continuum of our country.  

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