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A French usage I wish the English language media would start using.


We all know the word, and it is a good deal more pithy than my usual phrase, 'homicide bomber', and infinitely better than the weaselly 'suicide bomber'.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:43 pm

Unusually, I don't agree with you. Kamikaze sounds too ... well, maybe glamourous. And they were legitimate pilots in a declared war between two countries. I wouldn't want to give the islamic twerps the legitimacy.

I agree that 'suicide bomber' is weak.

'Bomb rage' might be a slight improvement. As in a BBC announcement "Four ... uh ... men of no particular religion or origin today exhibited bomb rage at ... venue, killing X." Maybe we could work with that, as "rage" sounds infantile and derogatory.

Or "religious terrorists" is good. "Four religious terrorists blew themselves up, killing X number of people in the area."

Or how about 'explodies"? "Four explodies entered the premises ...". This diminishes them to "hoodies" and the like.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:51 pm

Fair enough - it would make discussions desperately dull if all the good people who comment here were just an amen corner.

Some time back I read a letter to one of the mid-market papers complaining about the names that murderists and rapists get given by the press, and she suggested things like 'the snivelling coward' for the Yorkshire Ripper etc etc. There might be something in that.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:01 am

And a find from an Anon at Guido's place:

'the self detonating community'.


Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:14 am


Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:57 pm

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