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Crowdsourcing the election - #1 London

I have been looking at the current state of betting over at Betfair, and based on the shortest odds, I am calling London's results as Conservative - 36, Labour - 31 and LD - 6. (E&OE....) Having peered at a 2005 results map, I make that C + 15, L - 13 and LD  - 2.  There are the issues of boundary changes and the Brent / Croydon Central problems, but I think the exercise was worth doing.

Here's a rough and ready map - and the Tories taking Poplar and Limehouse *is* how the market is calling it:

There's a 2005 results map here.

I am quite keen on repeating the exercise with other areas, so if anyone would like to volunteer to take a region, supply some smarter looking graphics, or if those nice people at Betfair would like to pitch in with an easier way of accessing the data, full credit will be given, along with my undying gratitude.

Here's a screenshot of my workings:

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 10:38 am

That inner West blue glow makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, having grown up there under the socialist dictatorship of yesteryear.

Three cheers for re-urbanisation!

Minus one cheer for making my home town so expensive that I now have to slum it in a different socialist dictatorship...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:35 am

BE - It lifts my spirits more than somewhat, and - Lord willing and the creek don't rise - I'll be able to turf out a sitting Socialist for a second successive general election. Which is nice.  

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