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The DPRK update - and it is a really *good* one.

And rather more interesting than the Budget too:

From the usual place:

A spokesman for the National Reconciliation Council (NRC) released the following statement Tuesday to denounce the south Korean puppet conservative group for its recent frantic anti-DPRK smear campaign:
The puppet conservative group, obsessed by an anti-DPRK confrontation ruckus, is using even human scum including defectors to the south as a shock brigade in escalating it only to be jeered by the public at home and abroad.

(All quote marks are in the original)

The group whipped together such riff-raffs as defectors to the south, calling them "future forces for unification". It is busy fabricating what it called the "Alliance for the Movement of Free North", the "Solidarity of NK Intellectuals" and other anti-DPRK plot-breeding organizations. It is even contemplating organizing a preparatory committee for forming a political party called the "Solidarity of Persons for Unification" and letting its candidate to run for the elections to "local self-governing bodies"..iIn another development, the group even let "defectors from the north" to conduct various forms of anti-DPRK smear campaigns such as "broadcasting for reforms in the north", "broadcasting for leading the north to opening" and "daily NK" in a bid to utter a spate of anti-DPRK vituperation. It also made them visit puppet army units and even foreign countries so that they might appear in "security lectures" and "seminars" and at "interviews" to hurl mud at the DPRK. And it instigated them to scatter leaflets, stage such foolish anti-DPRK charade as "opera" and "art performances" and publication of novels and memoirs.
What should not be overlooked is that the puppet group has made no scruple of hurting the supreme headquarters of the DPRK, not content with raising a hue and cry over its situation while working with blood-shot eyes to spy it with human scum involved.
It is as clear as a pikestaff that betes noires will make only vituperation just as a crow will never be whiter for often washing.
The groundless mud-slinging made by those human scum who have become living corpses as politicians censured by the people for their despicable acts of treachery and those anti-DPRK plot breeders who rely on them only betrays their wretched plight as betes noires.

As a foot note, I acquired a coffee table book on the DPRK the other day - well, it was remaindered from £25 to £3, but it proved devoid of any particularly good anecdotes. 


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Anonymous Time will Tell said... 4:34 pm

A most enjoyable read even if it is a little repetitious. It's a pity we cannot hear it at a mass rally of the party faithful.
Peter Simple's swivel-eyed, foaming radicals come to mind.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 4:47 pm

do we take it they are a bit upset ?  

Blogger All Seeing Eye said... 8:06 pm

There is a refreshing toy-and-pramness about this diplomacy that appeals to me. It's an art never perfected by the FCO.

If only Our Man in Buenos Aires would be as honest when addressing our sworn enemies. And in Madrid, of course - you'd think Jeremy Paxman's brother there would do better.  

Blogger James Higham said... 10:43 am

Give me the budget. I prefer fiction.  

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