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Did Sarko help knock down the Berlin Wall?

That, at least, is the claim, and here's a pic from those lovely people at Le Parisien offering apparent proof positive:

It also appears on Sarko's facebook page.

Sarko claims to have gone to Berlin on the 9th with Alain Juppé, whose 'memory is unclear on the exact date'.  A French journo blogger thinks Sarko is telling pâtés en croûte de porc, so to speak.  If he is, he'll swing for this, otherwise - because being a trusting soul, I'm prepared to believe him - go Sarko for great timing and being on the right side of history.

I will be raising a glass or two to our German friends later, in commemoration of that great day 20 years back.  Should anyone be interested, I got a bit tired and emotional about it while in a pub with a germanophile friend that evening.  Anyway, take comfort from the fact that all the other Babylons (Beijing, Pyongyang, Havana, Tehran, Riyadh etc) will fall, because they always do. 

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Blogger Quiet_Man said... 7:23 pm

You know, oddly enough I believe the journo too. Can't think why, unless it's because I believe that when push comes to shove a politician would rather lie.  

Blogger James Higham said... 8:11 pm

The time of good is around the corner.  

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Blogger Croydonian said... 9:06 am

Q_M - Fair point. My all time favourite quote on liars and lying is here.

James - See , I'm not the only optimist.

FTI - Fascinating....  

Blogger Weekend Yachtsman said... 10:03 am

"All the other Babylons"

Indeed they will fall.

But you missed one off your list.

You know, the one based in Brussels.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:12 am

WY - Good spot, thank you for the addition and my apologies for having missed it out.  

Anonymous real estate in BC said... 12:57 pm

I'm little bit pessimistic about the other Babylons. I think that most of them should have fallen 20 years ago too. If they've been persisting even until nowadays they will not fall so soon either. May be I'm wrong which would be good. But all in all, the fall of Berlin Wall symbolizes hope that something can change.

Best regards,

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:05 pm

I've got high hopes that Havana and Pyongyang - in particular - are running out of time, and Babylon East (Peking) is incomparably a better place than it was 20 years ago. Anyway, I'm an optimist...  

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