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The somewhat overdue DPRK update.

What about this for an arresting headline:

Turns out it is nothing to do with iguana fanciers or David Icke, but this:

"The Japanese Sankei Shimbun in its editorial carried on the occasion of August 15, the day of the defeat of Japan in World War II, released misinformation on the basis of the hyped "threats" from the DPRK and China"

Took Pyongyang a while to react. I think it needs a new cuttings service, frankly.

And there's more:

By letting loose a spate of reactionary sophism peppered with lies and deception the above-said paper revealed itself its despicable true colors as a mouthpiece for the militarists....Such riffraffs as the editorial staff of Sankei Shimbun and reactionaries of Japan are raising a hue and cry over the "theory of threat from north Korea" in a bid to give further momentum to social atmosphere of inciting militarism.

Elsewhere, we have this:

Leading papers Tuesday editorially call upon all party members and other working people to dash ahead like the wind to successfully conclude the on-going general offensive under the slogan "Let us all become honorable victors in the 150-day campaign!"

Feeeling inspired?

And the ever thrilling adventures of Kim Jong Il:

"It was on a rainy day in July Juche 97 (2008) when General Secretary Kim Jong Il called at Kanggye Unha Clothing Factory. The officials of the factory were surprised to see trousers of the leader getting off the car wet. Before the officials saluted him, he requested them to enter the factory quickly as it was raining.

When he was leaving, the officials of the factory earnestly told him that he would shelter himself from rain for a while. But he got on the car, saying that he had seen many good things at the factory and they should do much work for the people in the future, too. When the car went out of sight, they regretted belatedly that they had not given him a suite of spare clothes".

The non-water soluble KJI. Astonishing. One wonders whether umbrellas are considered unsocialist, and further whether it was KJI's retinue, the factory bods or both who ended up paying the price.


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OpenID neilreddin said... 1:40 pm

"The officials of the factory were surprised to see trousers of the leader getting off the car wet."

So, the glorious DPRK regime has developed self-aware and self-propelled trousers?

Or should I make a more lewd interpretation of that sentence?  

Blogger James Higham said... 4:31 pm

What is it about rain?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:36 pm

Neil - I suppose we could picture it Wallace & Grommit style, but I am very taken with the concept of self-aware trousers. Roll over Skynet, here comes PlusFournet.

James - you have to wonder, docn't you?  

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